I Tried The $1,500 Fitness MIRROR For A Week.. Here's What I Think

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For this weeks one week later tech review, we are testing the $1,500 fitness Mirror! Mirror did not sponsor this, it’s a completely honest review of what I think of this product.

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Aimee Crawford says:

Crow pose 😂

dexter cube says:

This mirror looks like a giant phone with a selfie camera in the middle 🤣

Tyler M says:

Nice video. Mirror workouts are terrible. Waste of money.

Kyle Mcalister says:

7:10 shel bae I Can't

Gunaraj Kalyyarasu says:

She is damn cute when she does the dance

Brittani Bungart says:

The calorie estimation is most likely an issue with your profile settings. I have not used this product, but when I get a new running watch, the default settings are usually for someone who weighs more than me and is a different height. Once I correct this, the calories burned are a little more believable. You or whoever is using the mirror may want to change their profile settings.

SunsyloFitness says:

This is just a waste of money to me

goldie says:

does it have a camera? lol

Metal Jack says:

What a ripoff..the covid19 gym mirror .. how about this, buy a 500 4k tv with wifi , hook up a $20 camera and load any work out video off you tube to your heart's content..

Brian Lamb says:

Love the review! honest and lots of good explanations. I also agree with your 'theory'. Just like retailers are making smaller sizes bigger, fitness professions really bump up the amount of calories burned – all to make us feel better about ourselves.

Nolan Hutwelker says:

Lol the people below you must hate this lol

Larissa says:

Did you need to install to the wall with the bracket / mount?

Charlotte Leachman says:

The video she was watching I literally just did!😂 The one one the T.V

sohanpatro says:

I also think the tv is better.

Monica Murphy says:

You didn't need to spend $1500. You can do it without the technology. Crazy but looooong before this crap people were in way better shape without the gadgets. Keep your money honey.

Yvonne Escobar says:

Can you add Netflix or YouTube on this mirror?

JrBudgetTech says:

first time seeing that mirror

MrChicotibo says:

So how do gymlovers feel about this mirror now huh?

Rox Garza says:

Comes in handy during a pandemic, I bet your using the heck out of it now lol , currently looking at videos to see if I wanna buy it, that’s how I ended up here lol

2.0 Lyf Pop says:

How tall are you Shelby? That’s an expensive mirror lol.. kinda creepy if they can see you in that camera lens. You look cute dancing in front of the mirror ^_^

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