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Hip Bridge Exercise (To Be Performed Before This Stretch)

Seated Hamstring Stretch




This YouTube Channel is for people living with Multiple Sclerosis and other neuromuscular conditions to have access to guided and effective exercise videos. Whether you are newly diagnosed or wheelchair bound, this channel has a safe and effective exercise that can help you.

In this video we’ll be performing a stretch that will help alleviate your tight hamstrings. Tight Hamstrings can be a symptom of many conditions – however – it is an extremely common symptom when living with Multiple Sclerosis.

This stretch requires no equipment – just follow along with Jeff, perform this 2-3 times a week and measure your progress!

Overtime, you’ll gain more range of motion in your legs and experience less tightness throughout your hamstrings.

Here we go!!


1.) Hamstring Floor Stretch 3:40 – 7:56




1.) Foot Drop Exercises

2.) Hip Bridge Exercise for Balance

3.) Leg Strengthening Exercises










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Ruby Minshall says:

Thank you! I can do my splits warm up now 🙂

Venu says:

Actually the video is from 4:30

ELIE says:

I just fight through the pain then all a sudden one day it was gone

ERIK G says:

Literally half the video is your promoting🙄🙄🙄

Nisreen Moore says:

You talk too much

Coopr Campbellius says:

Also NEVER fucking clap in succession at your viewership to emphasize you’re point. This isn’t a personal training session, nobodies paying you (as much as you want us to) to “push our limits”…also, again, it’s so fucking cringe yal are trynna have your viewership download a pdf to “fill out our results”. That’s a huge red flag to a viewer! You’re making this way to difficult for the average joe who is looking to increase their pliability and this oozes a “money-making vibe”. Cmon now, yal know how predatory your marketing is. Do you honestly think your viewership is too fucking dumb to see that you’re only goal is to monetize your audience? 🤮🤮🤮 shit makes me SICK, YOU DID ONE HAMSTRING STRETCH IN THE WHOLE VIDEO!!! The rest was “oh make sure you go to the link in the description to download your (brand name) stretching journal so you can document how you felt strechin…blah blah blah YAK🤮”. “Oh hey guys make sure you go to the link in the description so you can be sure that you’re signed up for the (insert brand name here) workshop”. “Hey guys, let’s talk about the (insert predatory brand name here) workshop, you can sign up by clicking the link down in the description, and you definitely want to be signed up cause it’s totally free (🤞🏼) and requires no credit card whatsoever (mmhmm). Yes we’re putting on a fitness event totally for free and definitely won’t be ambushing you all with an extremely predatory seminar where the first little “class” (probably this same SINGLE hamstring stretch) is free and then in order to keep going to the next “class/workshop” you’ll all have to give us your car information BUT DONT WORRY, it’s only 10 bucks (36 easy payments of 10 bucks* for the first “class/workshop” that is.). Oh don’t forget, no outside food or beverages will be allowed to bring in (not our fault, that’s just the policy of the best westerns seminar hall. Also, you won’t be allowed to bring your own yoga mat or stretching belt, BUT NOT TO WORRY! We’ll have a few Kiosks set up where you can purchase a (predatory brand name) stretching belt, a (predatory brand name) yoga mat, a (predatory brand name) water bottle for 3 easy payments of 39.99 each! But wait! There’s more sheeple! If you purchase all 3, the yoga mat, stretching belt, and water bottle, all of which bear our totally awesome and not fkn stupid looking (predatory brand name and logo) we’ll give you a FREE KEYCHAIN. A 60 dollar value (that’s right, our predatory brand keychain is somehow valued at 60 bucks) for ABSOLUTELY FREE. You just have to buy 3 items that our factory in China produces for 12 cents each or 3 easy payments for 39.99 (so quick math…yoga mat = 39.99×3 = 119.97 plus the starching belt = 39.99×3 = 119.97 plus the water bottle = 39.99×3 = 119.97 equals a total of 119.97 x 3 = 359.91 plus tax comes out to a total of 387.07! But don’t forget you’re getting all that plus a keychain so the real value of it all is closer to 500 bucks!! A 25 percent discount!! But that’s not all…if you get all that you’re considered a (predatory brand name) GOLD MEMBER, which makes you able to purchase our predatory brand t-shirt…valued at 55 dollars, but you can buy it at the seminar for JUST 39.99!!
ANYWAYS, that’s just the merch, don’t forget that the second class is 36 EASY payments of 10 bucks, which will bring the total cost of this (predatory brand name) FREE stretching seminar to a grand total of $818.17.

People value brands that don’t treat them like walking talking wallets, but rather brands that make them feel like they’re on the same side. This is why “(predatory brand name) Workouts” is failing and will absolutely not continue. I came to this video thinking yal might have times good information and help me find some new stretches to assist me with becoming even more pliable, but rather than attempting to educate me, or even show me some new stretches, yal tried getting your hands into my wallet the whole time while saying “we’re definitely not trynna sell you anything, I mean how fkn sickening and pathetic is that. I guess this is what happens when you peak in 11th grade and desperately try to claw back up the mountain side ever since.

I tired doing more research on your guys predatory brand and it seems as though everything about yal has been teased from Facebook and even the Better Business Bureau, which makes me think that you fkn crooks really did trick some poor people into opening up their wallets to you at your “Free” Workshop…yal fucking sicken me. Don’t worry though girls, this isn’t the first time I’ve hunted down crooks like you that prey on innocent people who are just trying to better themselves. The thing about people like you is you can never have enough. You might get away with a scheme or two, but you always fuck up and leave behind one too many crumbs for me to find. The last assholes who pulled this kinda shit on my watch for 5 years in prison for fraud and embezzlement, which my testimony got that sentence extended when I turned in new evidence showing their predatory marketing tactics that also advertised “Free Seminars”. Anyways, I just wanted yal to know that someone is coming for you. I know what yal did, and I’m gonna bring it all to light soon enough. Enjoy your time outside of a cage, cause though you munch the able to stretch in prison, it’s usually not your hammies, but your asshole when Tyreese corners you in the shower.
Peace ✌🏼☺️

Coopr Campbellius says:

I don’t mean one yals wives that you THINK is sexy. No one else is gonna think that shit is hot

Coopr Campbellius says:

You’re fkn wylin if you honestly believe that people are about to subscribe to a stretching channel😂. You’re losing people by asking people to sub in a such a cringe-inducing fashion. You want subs? Here’s how doggie: YOU voice over a technical explanation of the stretches, by both going over steps and then also give explain why they are so beneficial, and then have A SEXY ASS BITCH IN LEGGINGS AND A CROP TOP do the stretches…and then AT THE END OF THE VIDEO ONLY say, “Thank you all so much for watching, Remember that all your support helps the channel grow and spread our message of health and fitness, and allows us to keep doing this for our audience, so please like subscribe and share with your friends! (END THE VIDEO). Don’t ask more than once, don’t “attack” your viewership literally right off the bat with it, it comes off so cringe and also gives off a vibe that you don’t give a fuck about helping people with their fitness but rather just want views and subs and MONEY, and literally nobody wants anything to do with people like that. Anyways that will help you but you’ve lost my eyes and I won’t be back to watch anymore of your vids, your predatory marketing technique already turned me off to yal, later!

sharon says:

Will this help me as I cant lift my leg very high and struggle to put a sock on Help !!!

Midnite Young says:

I need this for cheerleading

Autumn Spring says:

Should I tell the person who commented the link to this video on a post that my legs just suck at walking and being normal

Saachi Jadhav says:

You've got a new subscriber !!😀

Adrian Castellanos says:

I’m 5’11 and have never been able to reach my legs. I’m gonna give this a go!

tessa harris says:

I just wanna be an anime character..

tiffany says:

I dont understand why my hamstrings are even tight like they are extremely tight,hard. I havmt worked a sedentary job. I walk all day…

Prema Techky says:

everyone is complaining about how much he talks… but let me tell you this little exercise really works wonder for me! i am 30yrs old.. i couldn't touch my feet last so many years… i dont hav ms thought. But after i followed this technique i was able to touch my feet in a week.
one thing i would also like to xplain that i had a severe tight hamstrings as wit straight legs i could not even sit.
thankyou soooo much… luv from India…

Andrew McCambridge says:

If I'm not feeling any pain, can I do this stretch every day? Or must I stick to doing it two to three times a week?

Salt'sDarkSea says:

CEO of links

Isaak Kaiser says:

Shut the fuck up and stretch

Faria Mehri says:


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