Increase and Lift your Chest with Elastic Bands | Targeted Exercises for Breasts

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Mandira Dey says:

I want that swimsuit 😍,u r looking so pretty . may I get the link to buy ??

Lauren Meehan says:

Can anyone tell me the songs she played on the video

Sh0 says:

This sounds like a rap

Janika Brown says:

Her: second set? Yes?
Me: No


Diana Kindred says:

Omg perfect ! I’m a wheelchair user and this is great! I’m now doing it twice a day !! Yay! Thank you!!! 💕💕💕💕

Heidi LeeJade says:

I have been doing your workout 🦋 for three months and I have really noticed a difference, thank you!!🦋

Roya Khanishova says:

Hi Susana. i love ur program. This exercise with bands is just perfect compared to other breast workouts as it gives more pressure to breasts

Chris Parrish says:

These aren’t chest workouts…

Havva .,. says:

OMG 👍🐵🙊🙈 This is the best workout video 👍👍👍

Rosa A Mariscal says:

Gracia as estas hermosa!

Milagros Mcdonald says:

What is Clegenatur Methods? Does it work? I hear many individuals have bigger and firmer breast naturally with this popular breast enhancement methods.

Roxanne Smith says:

This is the perfect chest workout in quarantine, especially for us northerners who haven't had warm weather in 10 moinths! Its just hard to stay focused with all the beautiful nature around but thats a good thing 😀

Imran Ali Ashiq says:

I wana reduce and firm my breast plzzz help me susana

Follower Of Duck says:

Plastic surgery who??

Clayton Russell says:

Does Clegenatur Methods really help to increase cup size with healthy ways? We've learn a lot of good things about this popular breast enhancement methods.

Heidi LeeJade says:

Starts at 1:40:00

Alyssa says:

What kind of elastic band did u use? Thanks 😊

Cosmic Lady says:

Do these actually work?

neha bhatt says:

Will it increases the size of breast ? Reply please.

Sonila nalwa says:

Your all videos are very effective love from India 🙂

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