INSANE ARMS – Home Bodyweight Workout Routine

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Body weight arms workout –

Diamond push-ups 3×15
Alt triceps (cross bench) dips 3×10 (each side)
Praying mantis push-ups 3×10
Body weight tri extension* 3×10

*concentrate on the stretched position.

Chin ups 3×15
Single arm inverted row (negatives) 3×10
Inverted (21’s) curls 3×7,7,7
Chin up holds 3 X time


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Buff Dudes / Fitness / Biceps & Triceps at Home Bodyweight Only Workout
Directed/Edited by – Hudson
Starring – Brandon, Hudson

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Ganota Pamno Theodore says:

These exercises are not really good for the joints. My opinion

Lemuel Silva Novaes says:

10:05 kkkkkkk

Nibin K says:

Just show the workouts Jesus.

xFordx says:

Horry Sheet Fatman I couldn't do 1 mantis pushup😂

Lingua Franca says:

heads up: some of these exercises are NOT for beginners. You are welcome.

Dipjyoti Deka says:

Extend those legs bro

Solar Wolf says:

The guy in the blue kinda looks like James Hetfield

Oliver Lopez says:

Great workout! !!!!

Jake the Dog says:


das hasguns says:

How are you guys ever going to beat gym wildlife?

90chely7wely44 says:

thank you from SAN PEDRO, CA!! love your channel

Constantin Alm says:


I have a few questions to you. 
I like your Homeworkout's very much. However, should I train every muscle group individually or should I make an upper body/ lower body splitt or something like this?
And can I mix the Dumbbeelworkout's and the bodyweightworkout's? 

Thanks for your Video's. I like it very much.


ᚹᛚᚻᚪᛋᛏᚪᛚᛅᚪᛘ says:

4:40 I Think your cannabis is in need of some gains also. Perhaps more Soil and Sunlight?

Mo nk says:

dangg you two look like a real live viking on a training to war. good job just stumble on to you channel

Poeticbladezero says:

man it would be funny if you guys did a skit of this and Adam West RIP surprised you with his cat launcher LOL

Jackthe Baller says:

I'm 13 and a basketball player I want to make the NBA and the first step I had to complete was getting stronger and you guys helped me heaps

kevin storey says:

your ganja needs to be watered lmao

gorkhay gurung says:

wrist power exercise buff dudes…help

Wishpunk says:

you mean body weight + home gym + pull up bar.

jeff mcclure says:

Someone's looking like James Hetfield.

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