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This INSANE CHEST Workout with dumbbells contains 8x exercises to challenge the chest, shoulders, triceps and the lat muscles. We will be doing each exercise for 40 seconds and with 20 seconds rest in between the exercises. We will perform these 8x exercises for 3x rounds in a row.

Reminder: you can increase the intensity of the workout by using heavier weights, or increase the volume of the workout by adding extra rounds to each block. You can also do this routine by counting your repetition with each exercise instead of working with the timer!

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Tracy Garcia says:

Hi Daniel, thank you another great work out!😍

Alex Lewis says:

What weight are the DBs that are being used

Peter Beacock says:

Thank you again Daniel for another simple but challenging workout. I am back on it again, Peter

Kyla Timmerman says:

what type of ball is that?

Mr. Wayne says:

Please More pecs workout daniel

Dave TT says:

Great routine! Can you make some adaptation for kettlebell? Thanks!!

Aaron Benner says:

Love the new format And the music is awesome I’ve been a fan since March 2020 and your channel is booming now!! Do you have any workouts with pull-ups or Indian clubs?

Paul Hintz says:

arms were seriously shaking by the end of that. I can barely type this comment on my phone! Thanks so much, that was awesome. 💪💪🔥🔥

Murat Sirin says:

Hey Daniel, my arms and pecs are on fire 🌋 thanks so much for keeping us fit and motivated 💪

pam G says:

Wonderful thank you for posting ❤️

Other Accnt says:

Can i do with two dumbells of differwnt weight

1001 Math Tricks says:

Awesome 👍

Lisa Sipes says:

Excited to do this. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

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