INSTANT BOOTY PUMP in JUST 10 MIN! Intense, Floor Only, No Squats, No Equipment, At Home

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My Booty Boost program is designed to achieve progressive booty growth by doing the right volume of training and the right choice of exercises.

The program includes:
– A comprehensive 12 week booty workout plan
– 6 follow-through workout videos
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unicorn435 _000 says:

Ivana thank you so much! My booty grew by 1.5inch in two weeks, my family started noticing it too haha 😃❤ this workout is so effortless in time and I always look forward to it. Great music too. Thank you for these weekly awesome workouts. You are truly the best one!

Niver Ahamed says:

There’s so many exercises but which one should I follow

Siti Suhana says:

how many sets are we recommended?

Emine Akdogan says:

Ilk gün❤

J.C — says:

started using a kettlebal in the last exercises for some more weight. Damn! This stuff is good!!!

J.C — says:

So much better than sqauts!

J.C — says:

The hardest thing for me is the side plank honestly its so hard

J.C — says:

This is awesome!!!!! I love to just go along with you because it feels like a great distraction and then I can see if i’m doing it right. I can definitely feel my booty burn! Feels more effective than squats

Marc Roussel says:

Thank you Ivana for a great workout. I have a desk job so this workout will get me rolling on the chair 😉

Yara Hamed says:

Woooow this is the day number 5 and my booty is really going bigger! Just after 5 days thank you so much for this video!😊❤

Roana ❤️ says:

Doing this for an hour everyday updating u guys

Day 1 | it's burning like crazy took some breaks hopefully this works

CutieSexyLovely💜 says:

Can u do about boobs please

𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖝𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖗𝖆 says:

Wow this was really fun, i loved it as a person who hates working out thanks!

Amy p says:

Hey Viviana will you please do one for all three medius minimus and Maximus

A.K says:

Putthe toot gye ye kr k🤣🤣🤣

Mo Nation says:

My butt is burning so bad

g. kar says:

1.1.23 ma first day and hiii from turkey🌻
hope ı ll do this 2weeks.

Rnics Zaydanianz says:

I've been doing this for 1week and my butt growing from 37inch now is 38inch already tq Ivana for sharing this workout ❤️

TheMissaPaula says:

I’m on day 2 of this booty pump workout and WOWZA!!! Booty gaaaainz!!! Thanks queen 👸🏻! 💪🏼❤️🙏🏻

Nanteza Betie says:

Y it that it’s my thighs hurting after this exercise

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