Intense 5 Minute Resistance Band Ab Workout

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Give this intense 5 minute resistance band ab workout a try! You get a killer workout that hits the entire abs in only 5 minutes. This routine can be done at home, at the gym, or wherever you have access to resistance bands. You’ll be feeling it the next day due to how effective the routine is. Build and define those abs!!

Crunches – 0:53
Alt. Side Crunches – 1:53
Alt. Knee In Crunch – 2:53
High Side Bends – 3:53
Torso Twists – 4:53

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Conner Nettleship says:

How many times do we do the five sets in one workout

shabba194 says:

Dudes sniffing that coke form the 80s

mario caines says:


Chor Ernati says:

Hey please give some more exercise with resistance band please….

The Jovial Brit says:

I'm 6ft4 so hooking this over a door that's as tall as me reeeeally isn't working.

Javid Basha says:

Bro I need weight loss workout

Gautam Bhatt says:

I love all your 5 minutes intense workout mike sir!!! They are so intense that you feel pumped, be it be resistance bands or normal
Keep posting sir! 👌 👍

Adventures with Corey says:


Billy M. says:

Listening to this dude reminds me of being stuck in a convo with someone who just blasted a massive line

Jaya Verma says:


Dixie Normous says:

can't even do the first one, don't have an attachment thing oh well onto the next vid

Gautam Prakash says:

Background song name?

Shylu Paul says:

Which companies band do you use

Jay Duenas says:

so for each workout how many rounds do you do?

Cath Buck says:

A love the thumbnail. Looks like he's skipping with the band!

Abivarnan 12345 says:

Can u give the resistance band link

Papo Jimenez says:

Really hard for me to swallow that you guys bulk up like that without steel or roids, at least Jeff Cavaliere says he mixes bands and steel together…..

Good Christian Boy says:

I could not feel any pressure on my and, I tried so many positions and I bent my spine but I don't think It worked

Ranbheer Singh says:

Will definitely be trying it…

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