Intense 5 Minute Resistance Band Chest Workout

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Give this intense 5 minute resistance band chest workout a try! You get a killer workout that hits the entire chest in only 5 minutes. This routine can be done at home, at the gym, or wherever you have access to a resistance band. You’ll be feeling it the next day due to how effective the routine is. Add on some serious lean muscle mass to that chest!!

Reverse Grip Pushup – 0:46
Standing Lower Chest Fly – 1:46
Chest Press – 2:46
Chest Fly – 3:46
Valley Press – 4:46

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suhas kulkarni says:

I did try this for first time with resistance band. Could you please let me know why my chest is not experiencing sore muscles? Because my chest feels sore when I try free weights. Am I doing anything wrong with resistance bands? Or would it not hurt with resistance bands?

anthony olson says:

Your Workouts got me through the quatartine stay at home

Orhan Pala says:

Legends say he still doesn’t care

Jonathan Gross says:

What’s your diet like ? If I may ask sir

Frost Prost says:

Bro I’m too weak to do reverse grip push-ups, it destroys my wrist

chris softer says:

Hi Mike, what is the resistance weight of that band? I have several and don't know which ones are the best for muscular developement

Stefan Prole says:

Best thing ever are bands👍😍💪

I love them so much because they are simple to use and you can use it anywhere at anytime and you can gain great muscle. I got my at trainhome shop (check on google)🏆 they are awesome.

ManjMau says:

For the chest press and flys I had no place to wrap the band around so I just used my wife as a pillar.

The Heckler says:


Nick Richards says:

Control your eccentric parts of the exercise

bassai2010 says:

Hi Mike, In my opinion, you have the best training site on the internet! You have practical routines and ideas that anyone can benefit from. I have been doing this routine and it works. Thanks for all the help.

Tristan Rix says:

If I made this into 4 sets of 12 of each exercise, would I still be able to gain muscle from this? Or would it still work the same way? Thanks for any help.

Mtarfi Mehdi says:

The problem is i feel my shoulders burning while doing this before i can feel anything in my chest.

Dileep Reddy says:

When he says, "Do better than me guys", feels like he is trolling us.

R says:

wow feels great..

Tom Burt says:

I came for the 5 mins workout…I stayed for the killer bro talk

Dilip USA says:

This is one of the best YouTube channel..
Thanks for sharing …

dip roy chowdhury says:

Your workout is superbbbb

Sembo Ferido says:

Wait…3-4 sets in one day or throughout the week?

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