Intense 5 Minute Resistance Band Shoulder Workout

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Official Anabolic Aliens video of: Intense 5 Minute Resistance Band Shoulder Workout.

Give this intense 5 minute resistance band shoulder workout a try! You get a killer workout that hits the entire deltoid in only 5 minutes. This routine can be done at home, at the gym, or wherever you have access to a resistance band. You’ll be feeling it the next day due to how effective the routine is. Add on some serious lean muscle mass to those shoulders!!

Reverse Fly – 0:41
Front Raise – 1:41
Shoulder Press – 2:41
Side Raise – 3:41
Slicers – 4:41

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Melanie says:

Is this guy alright?

Vansh Jhaveri says:

I paused the video so that he could take a break

subash r says:

This is just Awesome!!!!! my Shoulders are pumped!!!!! 🙂

Gonzalo Pérez says:

Thanks for this mate! It was brutal!

SHABEJ says:

Big Big respect for showing how to get most out of the resistance band.. good work

Jeremy Green says:

The pump is REAL with these resistant band workouts. Obviously gyms are closed and this is truly the best resistant band workouts I've came across. I do the videos twice to feel that extra burn. Huge fan of this page

Sam O'Donoghue says:

I adore your channel. Thanks for sharing, it’s great stuff!

D0ubleMK says:

I have different size bands, what weight would this be? Like the 10 pound band?

Jack TheLad says:

Bro looked easy but that shit was intense! WOOOO! MY SHOULDERS ON FYYAAAA! 🔥 Good video bro 👌🏼

Lantz Alexander says:

I gotta try this shit

Jeet Dholakia says:

Quarantine squads, gather here!

rG Jamm says:

Hated resistance bands but, I haven’t been to a gym in so long I got nothing to lose.

Aust Hollamby says:

Hey there! Haven't seen your stuff before but really like this video!

Was wondering if you ever use the bands for eccentric reps by slowing down the reps and doing fewer reps?

This workout definitely burns but was wondering if there was anything to be gained if you added an eccentric component (other than slicers) in as well and did say 1:30 an exercise?

Love your video,


Nonetheless says:

I like how real he is during this! Just like everyone it burns and you could see it during his workout. Not cut and edited. 👌🏼 good job bro. Got yourself a new subby!

D'Angelo Williams says:

Love the workouts bro

The World as a Playground says:

Thank you SOOOO much. I've been locked at home for 2 weeks. 6 more weeks to be stuck in a living room. Your workout means the world to me. Thanks

Charles M says:

How many sets do we need to do of this on shoulder day? I mean if I can get through a single one without stopping.

Jake Brown says:

That was shoulder homicide!

MGOD92 says:

Omg can’t move my shoulders

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