Intense 8 Minute At Home Back & Bicep Workout

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Give this intense 8 minute at home back & bicep workout a try! You get a FULL back and biceps workout without having to leave your house just by doing multiple sets. Also, this would work as a killer circuit to do at the gym as a finisher at the end of your weighted back and bicep routine since it’s bodyweight only. No weights are needed. Your back muscles and bicep muscles will be sore so make sure to allow for proper recovery. There are 11 rounds of exercises in this workout. Exercise rounds 1-2 utilize intervals of 25 seconds of activity followed by 5 second rest. Exercise rounds 3-6 utilize intervals of 35 seconds of activity followed by 5 second rest. Exercise rounds 7-10 utilize intervals of 45 seconds of activity followed by 5 second rest. Then the final exercise round is a straight minute. Follow along with the video if you’d like, a timer is run throughout on the screen. Build that back and those biceps right from home with this intense workout!

Reverse Rocker – 1:20 | Interval: 25/5
Legs Elevated Body Curl – 1:50 | Interval: 25/5
Elevated Elbow Rows – 2:20 | Interval: 35/5
Alternating Seated Foot Curl – 3:00 | Interval: 35/5
Reverse Snow Angels – 3:40 | Interval: 35/5
Close Reverse Leg Curl – 4:20 | Interval: 35/5
Feet Elevated Belly Penguins – 5:00 | Interval: 45/5
Alternating Outer Leg Curl – 5:50 | Interval: 45/5
Hands Elevated Reverse Lat Lifts – 6:40 | Interval: 45/5
Hands Elevated Face Curl – 7:30 | Interval: 45/5
Kneeling Hands Elevated Lat Lift Curl Ins – 8:20 | Interval: 1min

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shaurya punj says:

You need to do something about the crazy eyes u have

Wigg's World says:

This is hilarious. Lol

Ivan D. says:

This shit is amazing if you do it correctly. Mike, you have a new fan homie. Love this and your at home Chest and Triceps workout as well. Keep going 🤙🏽 👽

DCFanatic7 says:

This dude surprisingly has a lot of stamina I mean the man didn’t stop for more than a couple seconds lol

Chetan Pithadiya says:

Awesome 👍 exercises. Today I have completed your 10 exercises sir but I failed in first one. BTW thanks for this video. God keep you warm sir

Chetan Pithadiya says:

Please help me more why I couldn't numbur 1 exercise reverse rocker

Chetan Pithadiya says:

Hii sir..I couldn't done first one because it's swing style exercise.

Arineko Music says:

Thanks for saving my quarantine.

Thy Maker Is Thine Husband 2 says:

Looks like a snake slither exercise.

Kenji Gurung says:

Corona can't stop us💪

Muhammad Moin says:

I want to remove moobs. Any workout for that.

Muneeb Hafeez says:

Love these workouts

Ivan Razo says:

Does this actually work?🤔

Piyush Rahi says:

1:22 that's not even the right way of doing superman 🤦🏻‍♂ you all so-called trainers are yourself doing wrong what benefit it would give to us. You are suppose to lift hand and legs at the same time and then bring them down and then repeat after 2 second gap instead of just swinging like a sea saw

Diana Valencia says:

They closed my gym last night…today is back and bicep haha

Fazel Lashkari says:

Who else is here because of the Corona Virus?

Tony Ferguson says:

This workout requires the perfect couch to do please don’t create workouts which require couches

Mythix2 says:

pls talk faster

Katherine Gloria says:

This was super helpful. I had an exam several days ago and i could not afford any time to visit the gym for pull day so thanks!

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