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A 15 minute, intense, equipment free upper body workout that you can do at home! For arms, chest, back, and shoulders!

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MadFit says:

Day 6! Hope you guys enjoyed this workout!! Let me know how it went down below! Much love! xx

thaladdictz sadhaam says:

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Bianca Jordá says:

Amazing! I didn’t drop the arms 🙂 hahaha

Süße says:

It’s burning, it feels great, I’m going to start following you!

Arjan Khalsa says:

Can barely type….my shoulders are so shakey and weak! On day 6 of Corona Virus Quarantine workout

Zuzana Brehovska says:

In 15 mins of the workout I dropped them like a 1,000 times

smashleyfoo says:

OMG! Those are exercises were KILLLLLERRR D: I had to drop my arms a few times, but I got them right back up and got back in there. Let's see how tomorrow feels haha

Kyle Ratkey says:

Great workout!

Lara Kimberly Barbosa says:

shit burned like fire

Krissy Rogers says:

Had a 30 sec break cuz I couldn’t do them tricep tips😂😭👎🏽

Sum Ting Wong says:

Firstly, you're terrible for creating this workout. It hurt like hell.
Secondly, thanks for making this workout. Pretty sure this is staving off my muscle loss from corona quarantine.

Jay Villa says:

Day 16 of quarantine but it's my day one for an at home workout. This was INTENSE! Thanks for the great video! I am subscribing 🙂

Sebas G says:

Can i do the same video every day?

ZanzibarLove says:

I have to admit, I was skeptical… My shoulders are burning! I did not drop my arms but I sure wanted too! Lol

Sophia Himm says:

I literally dropped my arms every time she said don't drop your arms

Paula Vaccarello says:

I totally dropped my arms many times ':), but, for the record, I didn't understimate the exercises from the beginning 😛 great workout!

Maria Delagrammatika says:

Great no equipment workout! Of course we want more of them!

Nateyla C says:

Day 1: Definitely dropped my arms a handful of times
Day 2: I don’t when the day I don’t drop my arms is going to come, but let me tell you today is not my day

Emily says:

not even 5min in and my arms feel like theye are going to fall off

timothy williams says:

I dropped my hands and paused the video only…15 times 🙂

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