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Go more in depth with The Mirror:

The MIRROR is a full-length, interactive mirror — you can either hang it up or lean it against the wall — that displays workouts from an instructor right on the actual glass. You can take all sorts of classes (cardio boot camp, barre, boxing, yoga, and more) and even stream live workouts. If you’re someone with a busy schedule that’s wants to work out from the comfort of your own home, the MIRROR could be the answer to your fitness goals. We try it our for ourselves to determine if it’s worth the $1000+ price tag.

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I have Spoken says:

Total recall

Smokeninja4 says:

Just do p90x lol

Dex Aler says:

I agree with the others that the title is very much click bait for an advertisement for the product.
I'd never pay this much for it or the subscription. At 0:39 of the video it mentions that "they give you corrections". Some other sites have mentioned that the person on the other end can see you. So for all of the comments about watching YouTube videos (or VHS tapes LOL!) that's not quite the interaction that you are getting here. For those folks who are already paying a gym membership the subscription might be worth it IF their membership dues are on par with the subscription cost. To me, having a person tell you about your form is great but really only helps in the beginning especially if you are new to a certain exercise. Then the novelty and benefit kind of wear off. Streaming LIVE workouts into your home could be a benefit but again I have to point out the cost. However, any device you buy that gets you to exercise is worth the cost if you are not already exercising – in most cases.
I think if the hardware was 1/3 the price it might be worth having it and then not having a gym membership assuming the membership costs about what the yearly cost of the mirror subscription would be. If the cost of the gym membership is less than the cost of the subscription I'm not sure it's worth the subscription price either. I get that the technology probably costs a lot but it seems like it could be made for $250 and sold for $500 then $15 for a basic subscription and then another price for a premium subscription. That would be much more appealing. And of course, they may come out with a $500 version down the road. Anyway, I really just wanted to comment on the interaction piece of the discussion and video and rambled through the rest. Stay safe friends.

Olando Fuller says:

So when does someone need an oversized cellphone or tablet to work out. You have people doing free workouts on YouTube, hang your phone or tablet up and watch.
This thing better be a t.v. also and then open for storage of bathroom supplies.

Jeff S says:

$1500 for a TV with a reflective surface and Chromecast! What jackass would pay $1500 + a subscription for that? Get a Tonal before the Mirror!

Steven McCullough says:

Just what one needs, another camera looking at you in your own house. I also couldn't get used to paying over 30 bucks per month for a mirror membership, when I can pay less for an entire gym, with real people around….

Noel Ripberger-Scheick says:

It looks like at a few points it's not anchored to the wall–can you use the stand if its not leaning against the wall?

Stephen Jones says:

It resembles a smart mirror project using a Raspberry Pi computer. Anyone can build it.

Delray Dan says:

Pretty soon you will have the mirror gf or bf… and all problems are solved….

Mike F says:

This is BS and money making loser whoever buys it!

C Bo55 says:

So…its a long tv with a bad glare on it . I'm okay im happy with my 50in 4k tv …plus free youtube workout vids

Kevin Sutherlin says:

The mirror commercial doesn't show one person struggling with obesity.

claire sincere says:

Creepy, a window into your personal space. No thank you.

Aqui con Saul says:

They want to sell the "mirror" for 1495 then charge you 39 a month? Now come on what kind of business does that brings the buyer? Just go to the gym and get all the same classes for cheaper NO THANKS "mirror" lol

The Mikey D. Files says:

these workouts look very girly 80's style. I doubt that guy got shoulders like that using this. What happens when it falls and the screen cracks? haha back to the gym lol Was this made by TSA?

Events Crypto says:

Who needs a $1,500 mirror with $400 in annual subscription fees?

2 Drinks 2 Talk says:

Why would I buy a mirror for $1500 and THEN pay more to use it. That's a terrible model


Never let some one charge you for free shit.

jusedefacts says:

1st seem interesting. But after looking at some videos such as this one that want to sell it, actually seems like a very creepy way to workout. No thanks the Gym with real people is far better.

KL Malcom says:

I like the tech. I'd use it for conference calls, $1500 monitor w a cam is a steal for that price

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