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IT Band Stretches & Exercises IT (iliotibial) Band stretches can help you get relief. Sometimes the pain can be at your hip, your knee, or anywhere in between. Stretches can be done standing, lying on your back, or on your side. See Doctor Jo’s detailed blog post about this video at

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Doctor Jo is a licensed Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy.


More details about this video:
Your IT band is on the outer portion, or the lateral part of your thigh. IT stands for iliotibial band, and it goes from your hip, illium, to the lower part of the knee, tibia. The IT band can get very tight and cause a lot of pain in the knee and hip. Runners often get really tight IT bands when they increase their training. This video will show you some great ways to stretch this band.

The first stretch you can do standing. Find a wall to lean against, and stand sideways to the wall with your injured side towards the wall. Cross the injured leg behind the good side, and lean your hip towards the wall. Hold for 30 seconds, and do it three times. The next stretch will be lying down on your back. Grab a belt or dog leash and put it around your foot. Keep your leg straight and gently pull the leg across your body. Then turn onto your side with the injured leg on top. Pick up your leg and pull it back behind you. Then slowly drop your leg behind you and let it stretch. The last stretch is a very intense stretch and will hurt some people. If you have a noodle or foam roll, lie on your side with the injured side down on the roll. Gently roll/pull your leg up and down from the hip to just past the knee.

IT Band Stretches & Exercises:

DISCLAIMER: This video and any related comments are not medical advice. Doctor Jo is a licensed Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy; however, she is not YOUR Physical Therapist and can’t possibly diagnose you through the Internet. So don’t use this information to avoid going to your own healthcare professional or to replace the advice they have given you. This information is only intended to show you the correct technique for physical therapy exercises and should not be used to self-diagnose or self-treat any medical condition. If you are not properly diagnosed, this information won’t help, and it could make things worse. So seriously, check with your healthcare professional before doing these techniques. If you experience any pain or difficulty while doing these exercises, stop immediately and see your healthcare professional.

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AskDoctorJo says:

Purchase a printable worksheet with the IT Band Stretches in this video here:
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ネスト ライブ & スタジオ・Nest Live & Studio says:


Cheema says:

Thanks doc…your videos helps me a lot..i was struggling with it band syndrome but now i am feeling it’s getting better now

Mary Lennox says:

Thanks for this video. I tried these exercises a couple of time. I was suffering of an inflammation on my left medium gluteus for months and finally I am able to sit on a chair with not much pain. Nonetheless today my gluteus muscles were burning. Is it a good sign?

whatfreedom7 says:

Can this cause pain all the way down into the shin muscle area. It feels like it’s behind the muscle and not the muscle itself hurting.

D Brown says:

Thank You , Great video! you did a great job explaining form….which they did not tell me im Therapy. 80s song is most definately Der Kommissar ….Don't turn around!

Ryan Lopez says:


Paul Baransky says:

You would have made a great eighties girl Jo. How do I know. You have the fun spirit and I enjoy your IT stretches. Thanks

Donnie Cain says:

Ok I love your info but I can't stand the 80s!! I loved Rocky 3 and eye of the tiger song from that movie and I love a Sony Walkman ( I still use one to run with) but that's it from the 80s!!! Thanks for your work and by the way I am 61!

Jim Salih says:

How about rolling your IT band with an oversized rolling pin to loosen it up. I do it from a standing position by rolling the pin with two hands down the side of my leg.

y YankeeT says:

Hey im a partial paraplegic withbheightened sensitivity andserious nerve damage. Band pain has becom e unbearable. Any suggestions? Limited mobility

Vinit Sharma says:

Thanks for the video. My left ITB hurts on the knee insertion point. Always gets sore whenever i start running

Iptamenos Irakleios says:

By the way Doctor Jo, Do Patellofemoral Syndrome and IT Band Syndrome go together? My doctor says that I have Patellofemoral, but, in a way, they seem one in the same.

Iptamenos Irakleios says:

Of course I like your hair!
So adorable

Abdurrahim Shezad says:

Great Dr jo

novellahh says:

very simple to follow, thank you! Very few trainers show the poses but do not mention how to place the BAD LEG!

Aseem Sharma says:

Thank you Dr Joe.. you are the best 👍😊

Randolf says:

That belt strech really hit the spot!! Thanks again !

Ana Lassere says:

Thanks Dr. Jo!

Ana Lassere says:

I have patellofemoral syndrome, IT band issues, as well as spondylolisthesis. Will any of your exercises for patellofemoral syndrome and IT band have a negative impact on my spondylolisthesis?

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