Low Back and Core Stabilization on the Mat – Pilates for lower back. Safe for most disc injuries.

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Core strengthening for people with lumbar disc bulges or just those who want to prevent them. This workout focuses on glutes, inner thighs, lower back muscles, abs and infra-scapular muscles. Proceed cautiously and if you are injured and can do these without pain, do this or our other lower back videos daily. For further healing, reach out to us. www.fieldsfamilychiro.com
Yoga mat I used in the video https://amzn.to/3aVYsAi
If you like a thicker mat https://amzn.to/2yL0zZG
I would say, due to the weight, the 6mm is more for home use rather than lugging to a yoga class but these are the mats you get a looooong life out of. Enjoy!

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Hazal Keskin says:

This is awesome

deborah mok says:

great! Thanks for this

Cynthia Hamlin says:

Excellent. I have had hip pain and low back pain on and off for a while this has helped me.

Julie Lazaroff says:

This was an amazing exercise class. Dr. Fields is a brilliant teacher. Please make more like this for the abs, please! Thank you.

Joy Cayenne says:

Just did the stretches and thoroughly enjoyed this great workout. New sub and love how you get straight to it.👍❤🙏💪

justin case says:

Thx again bro👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

RU Khan says:

This is the video that changed my life.
I was literally depressed for 1 year with lower back. Now it just gone.

MyJourney MevsMe says:

I have scoliosis can I do this?

Mar 11:11 says:

Love your motivation honestly. It feels good to hear you pointing out the fact that we are taking care of ourselves

Werda Zia says:

Thank you so much for this. Just tried it. Will do it for a whole month and see how it feels.

KELLY K says:

Love this workout! I am someone that have chronic lower back pain. This not only doesn’t cause any discomfort, I also feel great and my back strengthened after this exercise. Thank you !!

Laimis says:

Great excersise and your speech very motivated . Thank you

Leto M. says:

You already fixed since the first exercise!
Thank you…..🙏

RU Khan says:

Can you please make a video for patients with sacralization? Please….?

RU Khan says:

You're very funny. Trust me it is helpful. Best of Internet. Keep uploading.

Gary McDaniel says:

The best guidance on lower back health and rehab are the books by Dr. Stuart McGill at backfitpro.com. For example, NEVER do the reverse extension superman at 10:52. This exercise puts the highest compressive stress on your lumbar discs of almost any exercise, and should NEVER be done by anyone.

LoTTaZ says:

12:20 my balls hurt when I did this

Conor Lynn says:

Great tutorial, gonna stick at this to see if it helps my chronic back pain

zerosix says:

Hi! I am suffering from a mild slipped disc and it hurts my lower back. My doctor advised to do home exercise for core strengthening. This video out of thousands I watched is the most I wanted to try! Thank you! My only question is do I just follow the video or there is a certain count, rep and sets?

Hmmm Really? says:

This workout vid is actually much better than any other meathead workout vids out there.

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