Low impact, high intensity intermediate home cardio workout

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Turbo 20’s is a challenging and fun 30 minute cardio workout. Low impact makes it great for the joints – but the workout is still challenging.

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drrali drr says:

Nice work .thank you so much ❤️ but can you tell us how much kcal we lost in this workout ??

Harold Stacey says:

I struggle with my weight my entire life. I do two of these videos a day and I'm seeing success! By the way there are 13 countries in the world that run through the equator.

Aida Zamani says:


Noga Meir says:

the only thing i can do without being interrupted is workout.

Mike Davis says:

I just found these workouts last week and I love him and the other participants. He is so encouraging, so real, so great to workout with.

Kay Scala says:

Excellent workout, i was able to complete the challenge. Feeling the power at 67!

Anne Mallari-Pascual says:

Always an amazing workout💯 with you guys and my husband 💪👊🤙

Laura Eaglesfield says:

Just found this workout and I love it! Go at own pace and over time can build up intensity. Great level of chat and not showing off in any way. Very doable ✅👌👏

Okechi Njaka says:

Am grateful for today's workout

Jay West says:

Gave me my first real cardio workout since the quarantine started. Thank got I found you guys!!

Bob Kosovsky says:

The workout is good; the videography is really poor. So often Daniel starts a move and you can't see what it is because the camera is panning to Tasha – incredibly frustrating.

bharat parmar says:

With these simple steps , this is the gym of middle class ☺

Jo Mc says:

Thank you for posting these. I hurt my knee recently (treadmill) and found your low impact workouts. They are awesome! I get a good burn and enjoy them. Thank you!

Mooing Mippy says:

due covid 19 i been trying to fitness video i like i came across body project and i have to say these are my favourite and Daniel (i think thats his name) the instructor. he really makes working out fun, he makes me laugh ALOT and he shows when he is suffering and clearly takes the piss out of him self. i really enjoy working and and laughing with him and his banner with the lovely lady. what a great duo <3

Phatsita Premphantaphat says:

That's what I love ❤😍

Eric Shawn says:

This was my first time doing this workout and I'm generally surprised that I finished all the way through without pausing… and I'm heavy!
Thank you BodyProject for pushing me past my limits!

Katie Sakalauskas says:

I'm usually a HIIT girl but with a recovering pulled Achilles, I've had to make some changes. Don't let the low impact fool you. I was sweating hard through this.
Great work out!!

radhika narang says:

how many calories are burnt in this workout?

Laura Schroeder says:

Please make more knee friendly cardio workouts!! Love this one. thank you!

daniel george says:

We love this video, and my husband George diligently does it almost everyday since lockdown times. We have shared it to many friends, basically becoz its so easy on the joints and a very good workout. Thank you!

Btw u cd easily stand on the Equator all the way from Equador, Columbia (S. America), Zaire, Uganda, Knya (africa) Indonesia – just naming a few! Everytime i hear the video…I just had to answer that trivia. Kavita .. my younger son is a Daniel too!

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