Lower Body (Quads, Hams, Calves) Bodyweight Workout | P2D3

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Lower Body (Quads, Hams, Calves) Bodyweight Workout
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Best Beginner’s Lower Body Bodyweight Workout Routine
Directed/Edited by: Hudson White
Starring: Hudson, Brandon

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Buff Dudes / Fitness / Best Beginner’s Lower Body Bodyweight Workout Routine


PFM K says:

Do you guys still do the training as a circuit like in phase 1, or do you just go exercise after exercise now?

rotopable says:

top workout for corona isolation in germany,
greetings from bavaria!

Hypezt says:

I found buff Jim Hopper

AndrewBloomer22 says:

Just did this workout with weighted sumo squats in the middle, first round tabata style with no stopping and last 2 sets back to back with minimal rest. It’s a seriously good workout! Thanks!

Bernadette Freyer-Swartz says:

Hiehie so cool! Enjoyed the workout, especially the surrounding! Thank you for keeping it real, much love from Namibia πŸ‡³πŸ‡¦, Africa.

Cory Norell says:

Currently on the second set of burpees. Turns I've skipped a leg day or two.

Ryan Angelo Morta says:

Is it normal to feel lower back getting worked during curtsy squat?

It's Just Milk I Swear says:

my fitness goal is to crush a watermelon between my thighs like chun-li so i can post it on my youtube channel and increase my monthly subscriber count.

Thirawat Boonrin says:

Where are you liveing ? so beautiful 😍

Salvatierra Mark Adrian says:

Your channel was very amazing. And honestly you guys are one of my inspiration when it comes to building a good physique. I learned a lot from your channel. Not just about the exercises and the proper form but the importance of nutrition. I got the most results when I start counting and tracking my macros. Thanks to you guysπŸ‘ I wanna become a buff dude like you c

Makito Bredy says:

Burpees 3 set x 15 reps 0:25
Curtsy/lateral squats 3 set x 10 reps each side 1:38
Single leg rdl/knee raise 3 set x 15 reps each side 3:33
Pistol squats 3 set x 10 reps 6:34
Single leg calf reaches 3 set x 15 reps each side 9:00
Twisting planks 3 set x 30 reps 15 each side 9:45

Jason Perry says:

Where's the ice Hudson??? I'm…LOL

BigZoinks says:

How much rest between sets and workouts?

0ThrowawayAccount0 says:

You come to this channel for the physical fitness information but you stay for how honest and wholesome these guys are.

Erick Varela says:

ive never tried A bodyweight workout before and decided to do it today cuz i had no time for the gym and i loved it!

Mitchel Meyers says:

Great video!! We have the same problem right now on the father in laws farm but they are tarantula hawks! Keep up the fun videos, love watching!

non says:

i like that workout. i also prefer bodyweight during this summer! i like brandon's flat shoes and nice flat earth footage in general πŸ™‚

Seth Weidert says:

Should got some bug spray dude/

Anduin Lothar says:

Need to work that upper pecs. Great tut

SangHyun Park says:

6:00 It's The Buff Cat~!

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