Most EFFECTIVE Bodyweight Home Workout

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Follow along with Chris Heria as he shows you the Most EFFECTIVE Bodyweight exercises that you can do at Home to Workout. This is the first workout of the FREE 30 Day Quarantine home workout program on the Heria Pro App. To get access to the program all you need to do is download the Heria Pro App in the app store or google play store:

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Stevie G says:

When he says warm up, at the beginning, DON'T FORGET YOUR WRISTS!

tomas alvarez says:

How much days i have to rest after do this workout ? What tipe of workout can i do after this or i should have a rest day ?

Perry 16 says:

Will this make me gain weight/muscle or burn fat? cuz i want gains

Ammar Muzaffar says:

This workout totally not for beginners 😂

Andrei Popescu says:

You motivate me to start do some workout 😱 thank you Chris,. Greetings from London

Stefan Prole says:

use resistance band set its fcking awesome i love it so much and gain some muscle. I love it so much trust me you will love it to get one for urself at its great

janis Zbinden says:

Is it normal that you will only get some exercises from quarantine plan in one workout? So in the upper body workout I got 3 times wall walk in a row but never for example the archer pushups

Noizy Boi says:

What to do when you can’t do handstands push ups ?

Mateusz Galus says:

You guys are softer than baby poop

Jay G says:

Thanks for this vid..👍🏼💪🏼

Chrome Dude says:

This guy's getting really fat

Miranda S says:

Forget the workout, ✨✨drop the playlist please ✨✨🖤

Suldery Duque says:

Te amo gracias por tu dedicación

Favour says:

Is did good vor you Gay's is good for me

Ian Steiner says:

Can i built up muscles doing this?🤔 3 round every two days?

Vinny LoBalsamo says:

how often should you do this? daily?

Abu A'isha says:

Please never stop making videos i have been subscribed for years and never failed to learn something new with you Chirs, love from UK <3

tasheel chumun says:

Can you make a video of your full back workout

Infernorabbit 95 says:

Great workout Chris I’m gonna try this one later today for 3 rounds. I’m not sure if I’m able to do handstand push-ups I’ve never tried. Mostly afraid of busting my head or losing balance. I don’t have much soft surface at home to practice, so I’ll sub with pike pushups for now!

Gamerbro NINJA WARRIOR says:

Corona:HA now they can’t get healthy cause I shut done the gyms. Haha. Me:heard of home workouts

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