Most EFFECTIVE Bodyweight Leg Workout – Stuck At Home W/ NO EQUIPMENT!!

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Ready to blow your legs up at home?! Let’s get after it.

Today I hit some legs with bodyweight only exercises and believe me it was rough… When you really concentrate on getting the most out of every contraction then you won’t need weight, you’ll wish you didn’t have any.

For those who need sets & reps:

Reverse Lunges (either adductor/full leg/glute focused): 4 sets – 20 reps (each)
Bodyweight Jefferson Squats/Deads: 3 sets – 20 (reps/side)
Pistol Squat: 3 sets to failure
Single Leg Bodyweight Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 4 sets – 15 reps (each – slow)
Single Leg Squat Calf Raise: 3 sets – 20 reps (each)

IG: ryanhumiston
Song: Tumbleweed – Tigerblood Jewel

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Born Gucci says:

do they make the shorts youre wearing for men? why are you wearing you sisters shorts weirdo

G Man says:

yea, the hot dog chair is a great way to get started on the pistol squat

G Man says:

kid: 'im gonna kill myself!' hahahaha I think the kid needs a workout too to channel that shit

Lia Longtime says:

Ugh I love how straight to the point your videos are!!

Edward Pinnix says:

More at home stuff!

B Lynn says:

Damn! I’m gonna die

Nuno Ferraz says:

Are you guys seeing any gains from this workout?

zubair saleem says:

Nice brother but you speak to much fast try to speak slow👍

stickers11 says:

pistol calf raises have me nervous hah. Hope my knees can handle.

S A T A N says:

Mustard chair seeded position

extremewirehead says:

I found the first excercise a bit difficult to visualize

Heini Akolahti says:

Thanks for the amazing training tips at house! I would become crazy without them! They really burns and all, and I'm used to lift heavy!

Levi Hudson says:

I just subscribed because of that ending#childrenthesedays😄😄😄😄😄

colette batman says:

Thank you for the at home vids especially the leg workouts!!!!🤟🤟🤟

Raniere Miranda Lirio da Silva says:

Guy, u r a super body!

tabitha munduru says:

Damn, who dis guy… am subscribing noooow

Karl Painter says:

love how u held an invisible bar for the bw jeffersons, form form form

san mac says:

How lb you are?

Philip du Toit says:

I can die happy if its from this guys squeezing me between his thighs.

Matthew Smith says:

That IS a great book

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