Muscular Atrophy Exercises | Strengthen Your Ankle and Calf

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In this Monday’s weekly MS Fitness Video Jeff will be guiding you through some exercises that you can do for muscular atrophy. Muscular atrophy is a common issue when living with Multiple Sclerosis and can severely effect your mobility especially when it affects your calf and ankles.

The way we improve muscular atrophy is to strengthen the muscles of the affected area. Watch this week’s video to find out some easy exercises you can do to improve atrophy in your calf and ankles.


Exercises Performed in this Video for Muscular Atrophy

1.) Ankle Eversion – 2:27

2.) Ankle Stretch – 6:34

3.) Calve Stretch – 2:18


Here are some Guided Stretch Videos to help with pain and spasticity!

1.) Lower Back Pain Stretches…

2.) Spasticity Stretches…


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Ms.B _Smith says:

I had an orif surgery 10months back, I'm still having a lot of pain in ankle n struggling to walk properly. I would really appreciate if you could help me out.

im not gordon ramsy says:

how do i streghten my sprained ankle?

aymen ali says:

l have problems in shin, calf, ankle and all my leg. They are very thin and weak. please, benefit my quickly.

alex spi says:

Hello,thank for this exercise!
I have a question.How can i increase resistance?

TheIPHONE39 says:

I had a stroke and would like to know how to build back up my feet muscles I can’t walk on my tip toes

Daren Whitcomb says:

I’m tall and my calves are so small

Rubearch Boursiquot says:


Ricardo Leon says:

Does this work for people with genetic atrophy ?

ICON says:

I have ACL surgery i feel lot of stiffness in knee


Hello, Does this exercise makes your ankle Muscles bigger? My ankles are skinner than my actual legs I don’t know if can fix that problem.. thank you

Akhtar Parvez says:

Does this exercise helpful in FSHD as well ?

Krisna Wu says:

I am lucky to find your video. These exercises are helpful. thanks

Jake Steel says:

Who else just felt it in their ankle

Mohit Singh says:

I met with an accident a month back
Not my leg and ankle has become weak
How to regain the strength

joe Moschetta says:

25 yrs ago i broke my fibula and tibia and i have atrophy in my left calf can it ever be restored to its old size,good video

The Cleaner says:

Maaan I am desperate to achieve my dream of becoming a footballer but my left calf is not working at all since birth and my left legs nerves are almost completely dead from the ankle to the back and my bone structure of my left leg is messed up. I need help dammit I can barely walk normally, in a constant agony and pain. Not a single doctor knows what exactly is wrong, I've heard many different things from various doctors. What am I supposed to do, I don't want to give up.

sayedstafa says:

Wow, I'm actually feeling the burn from this workout! I wish I found this video a year ago!

Janice Grant says:

I do not have MS and my question is not to disparage anyone with MS. I have extremely skinny ankles (literally no muscle with flat feet and also very skinny legs. I enjoy walking and would like to pick up jogging for CV conditioning. I am of average build and 5' 8". Here is my problem: I cannot perform standing yoga stance where I balance on one foot with opposite foot on my calf for no more than three seconds. Will these leg muscles develop my ankles so I can achieve balance and at the same time develop my shin muscles. I get shin splints when I walk too fast or jog. The pain of shin splints always sets me back. Will doing these exercises develop also calf muscles? I am not trying get bulky but to have slightly larger legs and stronger ankles. Please advise. Thank you.

shankar 4747 says:

Balbir Lehal

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