My Top 3: Gymnastic Beginner Core Exercises

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In this video we continue the series called “My Top 3”. This episode is on gymnastic core exercises.

What will the next be on? Comment down below to suggest the next video topic!

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Hollow Body – 0:57
Form Rule – 1:14
Hollow Body Rocks – 2:15
Hollow Body V-Ups – 2:44
Straight Bodyline Drill – 3:20

Arch Body – 3:58
Arch Body Rocks – 5:14
Sky Divers – 5:43
Front Bodyline Drill – 6:12

Core Compression – 7:21
Straddle Compression – 8:47
L-Sit / Straddle L-Sit – 9:15

SUMMARY – 9:41

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Music by:

Instrumental – Chuki

Intro – Catas – Limits
See you in the next video!

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Ayan says:

I'm gonna die hahaha! Feels great on my core though, thanks bro!

Boulder Fighters says:

Very good video Tom (as always). Do you have a recommendation how to improve it that you keep the lower back in contact with the floor (if it happens that you cannot keep this form)?

keshav naraniya says:


Prince Nkansah says:

Just watching the isometric hold makes me breath fast… and i'm on my bed.

conspiracy chris says:

Dude I want those obliques. Edit- my favorite core excercise is payload press with cables or bands

Cz says:

Topic I would like will be isometric exercises for posture strength scapula.

growingannanas says:

Absolutely love your workouts & exercises! Thanks Tom, great work!

Ali Rahman says:

does anybody know which chuki beat he has used? there are literally hundreds:( THANK YOU!

Tyler Ma says:

Hey Tom thanks for sharing ! By the way how often should u exercise your core ? is it okay to train everyday or should i let the muscle rest for a bit

Murad Karimov says:

Супер упражнение обязательно повторю спосибо

Noa says:

Hello I have issues breathing while doing the hollow body hold. Do you have any tips ? Great video as always

igloo2 says:

Wonderful video sir

Huey Freeman says:

Do these work

Goju Boxer says:

Very direct and great instruction!!!!

Eternal Ape says:

This dude should be a boxer – look at that reach! Lol

MrDesertmike says:

Any & all info you bring is SPOT ON

Stephan Kühn-Logan says:

One of the best videos for core without stressing shoulders or limbs unnecessarily. Thanks a lot.

VC says:

Thank you for being kind and helpful. Really appreciate all the videos. Is there a Follow Along video you made for this? Thanks again. 😊

FitSoul says:

Will doing this 3 exercises (starting from the first progression of each one) help me get to the last progression? Or should I supplement this with other core exercises?

YTPrince Vegeta says:

Your a sexy bitch

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