No equipment arm workout !! Biceps Workout Without Equipment !! No Equipment Workout !!

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This is a lat workout or you can say a good upper body workout usually people train the back, chest, triceps, biceps, lats, and shoulder together but you can actually train the upper body separately.

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Artist C Prakash says:

we should 20×4 means we should do 80

Random Covergirl says:

3rd one hands are going down or sideways

Gigashit says:

Sheesh really I wanna try this at home

Legend Samar says:

What does 20×4 means

Hannes Thorsson says:

20 x 4 on everyone of them bro I can’t even do one single push-up

Jaccob says:

The 4th excersise is not for biceps, it's for elbows


My stomach Have biceps today i know by this video
Abs left the chat

Celestine miranda says:

that's bulshit

Idixy says:

Nah bro the man is future giga chad

madhuri sharma says:

What does 20*4 mean

Drop That Fire 🏀🔥 says:

Hopefully I look stronger and bigger

Drop That Fire 🏀🔥 says:

Does it work I’ll try and in 2 weeks I’ll see

Retract_hanma says:

That’s your arms after 40 years I quit I’m done working out I am not gaining I’m just weak

Artist_2.0 says:

It's really working. Tnks sir Or ma'am

TheLieutenantConventryPolice025 says:

What is 20×4


which app bro

Ardeshir Zahma says:

The second One you should Do ,while you are laid down.

Ask says:

do diamond pushups instead for triceps, they wont damage your shoulders like that dip variation can

Dragon plaz says:

Excuse me what does20x4mrans

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