*No Equipment* Bodyweight Strength Workout | Day 1 [At Home Program]

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AT HOME PROGRAM PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXi7slewxuML6_QJIZVF7NWQQHKgrd5PC

A1. Pseudo Planche Push Up – 3-5 x 6-8r (4-0-1-0)
A2. Lying Slider Hamstring Curl – 3-5 x 6-8r (4-0-1-0)
A3. Reverse Plank Extension – 3-5 x 10-12r (1-0-1-2)
Rest 45 seconds between exercises and 90 seconds between rounds.
B1. Home Bodyweight Rows – 3-5 x 6-8r (4-0-1-0)
B2. Shrimp Squat – 3-5 x 6-8r per side (4-0-1-0)
B3. Lying Leg Raise 3-5 x 8-12r (2-1-1-0)
Rest 45 seconds between exercises and 90 seconds between rounds.

HOME PULL UP OPTIONS: https://youtu.be/vGAK2-_kn1U

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This video shares a 40-minute no equipment, full body bodyweight strength workout that will help develop strength, hypertrophy and all round gains whilst having no access to a gym.


Cho – Maiwan

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Richard kyme says:

Just want to say a quick thank you, currently not aloud in work for 12 weeks due to my asthma(not good with Covid-19). Starting from today am doing this for twelve weeks an see where am at in the end.

wilfyn says:

I was so happy because you said no props! And then show up with the thing for chin ups!

desert88 says:

Great workout! Just what I was looking for!

Akabane Shiota says:

Finally found one that doesn't show people with no clothes

Joshua Corum says:

Please don't include "NO EQUIPMENT" in your title, emphasized even, when you start off saying that equipment will be required.

Grahav says:

Thanks for that and stay healthy.

Jim and River Robson says:

I was really worried about how I would keep up my strength while the gym is closed This series of videos (I've been through the whole 6 days once now and am on Day 2 of this go round) is just what I needed. Thank you for developing and posting these!

Erica DeWitt says:

Hey Tom, thanks so much for putting this doable series together. It is so hard to find a body weight program that involves strength building! Most of the videos are YouTube are just a bunch of fast paced moves that are hard to follow and don't amount to much. Really excited to follow this through and see improvements.

Sean Feely says:

Thanks Tom, this is great!

Eric Ford says:

Thank you Tom, when I was sick it was comforting to know these were waiting for me, to help me get back in shape.

Sam Temple says:

I loved you in Sex Education

marzyah hooseini says:

OMG, i just can do some move or 3 😕😕😢😢😢😕😕

babbledabble says:

My second time doing this routine! It was awesome, hope you can post more videos!!

ram says:

When do you exactly breathe? Do you control your breath when you go down on a push up or any other excercise?

Katrin says:

Would be great to have an alternative to the pull ups. I don't have anything that resemblances the table

Katrin says:

Should we do cardio with this too?

Basant Alsayed says:

Best workout series. Keep it up

Lilli Lu says:

Hey everybody! Does anybody know if there is any specific cool down/additional stretching recommended for this workout? Or none at all? I'm new to Tom's approach and can't find the answer… Anyway! Thanks Tom 🙂 I love it so far!

itsmaggo says:

Great workout! I never sweated this much in my home 😅

Mihaela Vlašić says:

This was amazing. I just couldn't get the reverse plank hard. I kept having pain in my lower back. Not sure what I did wrong there.

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