No Equipment Full Body Workout | Quarantine Bodyweight Workout | Alex Costa

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Full body workout with NO equipment! Bodyweight Only! Follow along!

Working out at home has never been easier, try this full body workout that requires zero equipment and let me know if you liked it!

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Alex Costa says:

Don't forget to follow me on ☑️

One of my goals this quarantine is to come out of it in better shape! Let's do it together!

Thank you for watching!


Josiah Arteaga says:

YouTube fam, I’m not in shape and “Skinny-Fat”. I started this today and just barely made it through one circuit, fighting not to cut reps or take breaks between. Need your encouragement that there’s still hope for me to get a lean physique. I’m trying to eat and sleep better and drink a lot of water. Please reply with and great tips you have for pressing on.

PO Face says:

Great HIT session thanks. I couldn't do 10 triceps planks though. Really hard!

shasliya Ac says:

That burpees was smooth..

issaok Entertainment says:

Hey Alex
Thank you for making this video. I haven’t done much workout during quarantine and this video gave me some motivation to actually train. I just finished the workout and it feels amazing to finally train again. Thank you a lot again ((:

Povilas Minkinas says:

I am dead after first round, there is no way I could do second round jeez ..

But after week or two I think I will get two ;0 thats tuff

Arpit Bajpai says:

Anyone know the guy on thumbnail?

Felipe Marinho says:

Mano pq tu ta assim magro pakas?

Bhasha Bhasha says:

After the workout what can do with skin

Michael Okooti says:

How often should we do this?

Daniella Scetto says:


gley_gley says:

How different is this video from the first one ?

Micah Govender says:

No equipment only roids

LORD TEN says:

Can regular doing of this for 5-6 months give me abs btw my age is 16….. Plz reply

Marcus Marquez says:

Is it ok to do this daily?

jigar patel says:

I have testicle problem, so can i do workout like this?

Aryan Soni says:

Sir please make a video on hair care and how to maintain damage hairs
Some of my hairs come out of flow and looks shit…so how to straighten them up ??
And how to convert dry hair to moisturized hair ??

E Rik says:

Do a video how to say no to a girl

Creation for U says:

bro , plzz make video on asking tailor for ur jeans..

innson malu says:

Do you wear jordan 1 lows? Incase can you make a outfit inspiration video? Im sure everybody wants to see it

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