No Equipment Needed! Pilates For Beginners | The Zoe Report By Rachel Zoe

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Learn intro Pilates moves you can do at home with with Selena Gomez’s personal trainer Amy Davis. No equipment needed!

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I came here because of the quarantine

Metodisea says:

First a last time.
Sorry. This is not for beginners.
I have done Pilates for long time.

Change the time hot Pilates or what really is..
Too long reps. Good though bit not for beginners

Zeynep Aydogdu says:

I am wondering if our back should touch the ground or not?

Aliya Dagadas says:

I cant do even 1 push up

A M says:


Eya Chaal says:

Are we surerhis is for beginners ..

Tomon Jet says:

Whose here again becaus oF lisa

Talida C says:

I did like the exercises themselves, but I would advise either changing the title of the video or the pace. At this speed and complexity, this is not a beginner routine. Also, a beginner needs a more detailed explanation of the movements so they learn how to perform them correctly. If one is too busy trying to keep up the pace with you, the form will be compromised. Lastly, I wish you had added post routine stretches.

Asia Zdanowicz says:

Definately not for begginers 🙁

Katanya Jason says:

Pushups? For beginners?

khushi rawat says:

Who's here because of quarantine

Christiangirl727 says:

DEFINITELY not for beginners. I’ve been doing Pilates and yoga for awhile and this was a burn but way too fast and not enough emphasis on breathing or time to switch/breathe/stretch between movements. I couldn’t keep up
Also there should be a warm up/cool down!

FemBot says:

This worked out my privates.

nickisuhl says:

This is not for beginners, sorry. Way too fast, no breathing, no rests, no explanations about keeping the core tight etc.

Mihaela Ciornea says:

Looks so easy, but it's sooo hard especially for a beginner. Hope I can find the motivation to continue

Kurt Krienke says:

no offense but your push ups need a lot of work.

BeauTEAful You says:

How the hell is this for beginners? I can't even do a push up. Come on girl.

Eckle Alie says:

There should be classes shown for those who are just starting out and are not as flexible.

Carol Goode says:

Just what I was looking for !! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💋Awesome..
I will follow you!👍🏼😊

Chris Ian says:

Isn't her form of doing pushups terrible?

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