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NO GYM Home Workout for Muscle Building

Warmup before workout –

1. Squats or Jump Squats – 3 sets for 10-12 Reps
2. Push ups – 3 sets for 10-12 reps
3. Bent over rows – 3 sets for 10-12 reps
4. Single Arm Overhead Press – 3 sets for 10-12 reps
5. Single Arm Bicep Curls – 3 sets for 10-12 reps
6. Overhead Triceps Extensions – 3 sets for 10-12 reps
7. Abdominal Crunches – 3 sets for 10-12 reps
8. Lying Leg Raises – 3 sets for 10-12 reps

Cooldown after workout –

Important Note: For Muscle Building perform these exercises in sequence . For example perform 3 sets of Squats first and then move on to Push ups. Then perform 3 sets of Pushups then move to Bent over rows and so on

– Rest Interval between sets will be 45 seconds
– Rest Interval between exercises will be 1 minute

You can perform the same workout 3 times a week. To change things up you can control the speed of repetitions in each workout. For example let’s say you will perform this workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday . On Monday you can perform exercises with normal speed . On Wednesday you can slow down the speed of the movement and focus more on negative portion (Eccentric) . On Friday you can perform exercises more Faster speed than usual.

Also make sure to increase the weight a bit every single week to give our body a reason to maintain or build muscle at home and without gym.

NO GYM Home Workout for Fat Loss or Weight Loss

For Fat Loss perform these exercises one after another with 30 seconds rest in between sets and 1 minute rest in between round.

E.g. –

1. Perform 1 set of Squats for 10 reps

30 seconds rest

2. Perform 1 set of Pushups for 10 reps

30 seconds rest

3. Perform 1 set of Bent over rows for 10 reps

30 seconds rest

4. Perform 1 set of Overhead Press for 10 reps

30 seconds rest

5. Perform 1 set of Bicep Curls for 10 reps

30 seconds rest

6. Perform 1 set of Triceps Extensions for 10 reps

30 seconds rest

7. Perform 1 set of Crunches for 10 reps

30 seconds rest

8. Perform 1 set of Leg Raises for 10 reps

This completes 1 Round. Now take 1 minute rest and repeat the same for 3-5 rounds as per your fitness levels.

Increase 1 round every week.

Recommended Supplements to Boost Immunity :

1. Multivitamin – (1 Serving with Lunch)

2. Vitamin D3 – (2000 IU with Lunch)

3. Vitamin C – (1000 mg with Dinner)

Recommended Bluetooth Speakers :

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This is the Easiest FULL BODY HOME WORKOUT that can be done WITHOUT GYM EQUIPMENT. You do not need any fancy machines or dumbbells to stay fit, build muscle or lose fat at home. If you know the right exercises at home and the right technique to perform them, you can build a great physique with home workouts. These are the best home exercises.

All you need is a Bag, few books, a laptop, some water bottles to increase resistance and of course great source of music (like good speakers) to keep you pumped and motivated.

Remember this is home workout for men and women without equipment. This home workout without gym is an effective way to stay fit and stay in crazy shape. You can perform this 3-4 days a week and you can use to Build Muscle or Lose Fat. If you want to build muscle, you can perform it in conventional bodybuilding fashion i.e. 3 sets for 10-12 reps with rest interval of 1 min between sets.

If you want to perform it for Fat Loss , you can do it in form of HIIT. Perform one exercise for 8-10 reps, take 10 seconds rest perform next exercises, and continue till you perform all exercises. Once you do , take a break for 2 mins and repeat it 3-4 times. You can perform this home workout in 20-25 mins and you are done. These are some of the best exercises at home. No gym workout to lose weight .

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How Much Muscle you can Gain Naturally in 1 Year :

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