PERFECT '5' LEG WORKOUT AT HOME (resistance band training) | Fouad Abiad

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Continuing with the at home training Fouad brings you this five move perfect leg workout that can give a crazy pump with just a set of bands for resistance.

For the full workout go to:
For quality bands go to:



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Fouad Abiad says:

Go to for the full workout and the pre and intra drinks I use when I train.

Mo ra says:

Thank you for posting these. Gains saver lol

Sofiane Chomsky says:

The most underrated chanel

wailen65 says:

Easy on the sauce Fouad. You're out of breath. Heart enlargement bro !!

John Azevedo says:

Where on the website is the workouts?

R A says:

I stopped lifting weights last year after 7 years of heavy lifting and multiple induced injuries. One year on, and I feel that resistance band training offers me better contractions and can feel the utilisation of functional strength. No injuries as of yet and my results are very satisfying. Thanks for the informative videos.

Know 1squarter says:

Pistol squat
“least favorite leg movement”
No kidding. Great vid

Alreese Hooks says:

Where can I buy these resistance bands?

ACX says:

Thank you man. I will test it. What is the resistance in pounds of the purple band you used?

OGmrjam0 says:

This is really good shit. I don't like bands over both shoulders because there's no tension at the bottom. But the rest is a BIG help.

Keith Edmeade says:

Fear not my dude. Pistol squats are very hard. Well done, unafraid

Ned Lomigora says:

Great workout selection Fouad. I tried every exercise and worked pretty well. The only one I could not perform to my satisfaction was a back squat variation due to an awkward band placement. Thank you for demonstrating a proper form.

Sean Monaghan says:

Fantastic use of the band. Deadlifts also work with the band.

Branko Vidic says:

Muy bueno gracias, very good exercises thanks 👏👏👏

rajinder singh says:

Nice exercise.Love you so much brother.

Traditionally_Challenged says:

I would need some knee sleeves for the split squats, oh man

Rebecca Phelps says:

Thanks for the awesome ideas. Those pistol squats smoked me. Needed that.

Discipline Dave says:

I was wondering how to get a great workout with my legs at home. Great content , one day my channel will get as good as yours

Texan Football Houston says:

Man I just ate a fat 🍔 and no 🍟 hell with it have to eat right 👍🤣😷

Ivanna Puente says:

Just came across this video. This is great!! Will definitely try this today 💪🏽

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