Perfect Shoulder Workout- NO Weights, Anterior, Middle, & Posterior Deltoid

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: Perfect Shoulder Workout- NO Weights, Anterior, Middle, & Posterior Deltoid

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G Man says:

great vid guys

Tom Twain says:

But we're not here to talk aboud free giveaways… nooo, daz right hanz… we are here to..👉 …pump you up💪 !

Darius E. Bennett says:

"Don't make me come out there." LOL!!!

Maria C. Delgado says:

Wow Brad, the muscles of your arms are very toned, this requires a lot of work and discipline, ¡Congratulations!, good and didactic idea drawing the deltoid zones, to watch the exercises that make them work. Thank you and loves 😘

Darrell Allen says:

Great video…..I am currently doing PT for surgery on my right shoulder, Oct. 2nd, where I had bone spurs / impingement issues. I saw another video y'all did, where you mentioned a book written by an ex football player, using nothing but resistance bands for exercising, but I can't for the life of me find the video again………will you please PM me or post a comment here with the name of that book again ? Thanks for your time….these videos are fantastic.

Tuna Loco says:

Brad is built like the Hulk!

Cy Sepasi says:

these guys are such goofballs but its so somehow so effective. I am a fan now.

N Ch says:

What helpful, kind and genuinely nice guys! So great edit for you taking the time to help all of of us with highly professional evidence-based sensible advice. Truly thankful

Cecile Conner says:

I need help on strengthening my lower back. Being a caregiver is hard.

gumshew2007 says:

Is this the Bert and Ernie show? Seriously though, I've watched several of your videos and you guys are pretty legit. I've been seeing PT's off and on for the past 12 years and all the exercises you've shown on your video I've done in therapy. Keep up the good work educating people.

Salam Falasteen says:

Will that be a good exercise for someone who had a rotator cuff surgery?

abdoulie jassey says:

Wow, interesting

David says:

My boy Brad giving away tickets to gun show

thirtyaughsix says:


904 CZV says:

Sound is so much better!!

111AKASHA says:

Great stuff :0)

Patricia Barnes says:

Those work-outs are well and fine BUT what do you do when you have no brackets on the wall???…PLEASE, show how these exercises can be done without the brackets

Judy Sentell says:

I love it when the two of you talk about things while teaching us techniques. It is not babbling at all, just being real and relating to each other as a team. ❤️

Jacob P says:

Brad looks pretty jacked in the arms department

Diego Medina says:

Your channel is awesome greetings from Bogota Colombia

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