Pilates Abs, Butt and Thigh Workout – Intense Pilates Workout for Lower Body & Core

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Sara Lampret says:

You are a lovely couple 😍😍 and the workout is brilliant. I wish you to have a lovely day ❤️

Hazel Mary says:

This was so good!

Lucy says:

Woo! Day two of doing this routine. So far, nothing new. Plans to continue every day.

Lucy says:

How long does it take before I start getting thicc

Elise Piquemal says:

Love this ! Could we have one for upper body as well ?

Louella Ciacho says:

Fell asleep during the break

charles hohl says:

Truly Excellent workout! Just sorry it took Covid for me to discover it!

derik Mocke says:

Great routine. Thank you very much!!

Amelia mitchell says:

everytime I do toe touches, it really hurts my right hip

Amelia mitchell says:

Which is better for toning muscle, hiit workout or pilates?

Saimazing Life says:

Working out with both of you was so much fun lol. 😊🧡👍🏾

UtsukushiiDoll1 says:

Loved this!! #Lockdown2020

Jessica D. says:

First time learning Pilates.

tjaskolina aaa says:

i'm working out at home in this quarantine time and i was trying deferent workouts but i keep coming back to you guys. i love your energy and workouts are great.love it

Chris Mcgeorge says:

Hey Guys, awesome workout… first hour Pilates workout of yours my husband and I have done, keep them coming😄

Raghad Alqobali says:

skip the adv? holy shit nooo😂

Bin Ju says:

Thanks for all the videos. I have been following your videos daily during shelter in place in california. Help me to stay sane. Thanks a ton

kavya rekhala says:

Thanks Daniel and Kelli for this awesome pilates workout…you both are great as a couple too…love u both

Milo Endres says:

Thanks for the workout

darkesse _the_wolf says:

this made me quite toned after 7 days as I did this twice a day thank you Daniel and kelli you made my fitness goal come true I'm definitely recommending your channel to a few of my friends

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