Potential Breakthrough in Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injuries

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bryson Lever says:

Aww that's sads 😥

Heather Fanning says:

Sign me up as a test subject. I had a serious TBI 4 years ago and now suffering a concussion that doesn’t seem to be getting better. So in all seriousness, I would love to open myself up to such amazing research.

ganesh gavali says:

My baby have development delay. Can this therapy help?

Matthew Davies says:

Hi I. Seeing new videos these days online, I'm currently suffered a severe tbi ten years ago, but yet still stuck in system were I'm alone stuck in flat just trying to reach out please any1 in this can point me in right direction please 🙏

KTZ8 says:

Here from discord after serious brain damages

Rita Bryan says:

I recommend this method to all people who want to eliminate their herpes from his/her body forever contact Dr Ben Uda on YouTube,.


My son Needs help? he was 14 when he fell from a porch and is 28 now? He needs someone to help him? I'm out of ideas but still looking for help?

A Plus Merchant says:

How can I get this drug? Need help NOW, can’t wait 10 years for the end of study

Lolli Pop says:

In other words, you hit mice on the head with a hammer to experiment on them, when at the same time their are OVER 100,000 veterans out their with TBI's that you could use as live subjects and help them, instead of causing more damage on animals that are perfectly HEALTHY!

Self Care says:

I need help

mary grace zaragoza says:

hello good day hoping that my there is some one can help my brother whos tbi patient he is been hit by a car last january 14….

Kyle Silva says:

When I clicked on this video; I thought I was going to see some cool technology that could remove brain damage with no side effects and heal the brain. Instead she’s talking about some stupid drug that has bad side effects as treatment. Fucking bullshit.

SundaySMercy says:

please cure me, i just saw someone put custer in f tier and another one put psychosocial in ok tier

Paris Coroneos says:

My TBI homies you gotta get on the intermittent fasting. Honestly helps a lot.

Todd Sutton says:

how about a 52yr old tbi? hit by car going 30 mph in the head swallowed my tongue and chocked to death. DEAD. ruined my life.

Rose says:

We need thsi

Jamie Isler says:

My friend was in a car accident on the 23rd he had bleeding in three spots on his brain. How do we find doctors who are willing to try new medicine like this to help my dear friend!?

The World As It Is says:

Hyperbaric oxygen can do this now.

Ben McReynolds says:

Can we sign up for testing the medicine? I've had a handful of concussions from skateboarding and football, and other things. My grandma got a rare brain disease that deteriorated her brain health very fast and I'd really like to help get this medicine approved for use if it's showing potential 👍

Martina Fitzgerald says:

Whatever happened to the research into how a certain sleeping tablet regenerated brain trauma and people suffering with locked in syndrome ??

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