Pregnancy Stretching Routine | Best Stretches to Relieve Pregnancy Symptoms!

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This pregnancy stretching routine can help with many pregnancy symptoms such as insomnia, sciatica, restless leg syndrome and more. Do this safe, pregnancy stretching routine to help you combat your pregnancy symptoms and help you in preparing for labor!

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Rachel Sanchez says:

These stretches help me SO much. I have done these with this pregnancy (my 3rd baby) and with last pregnancy and have felt significantly better than I did in my very first pregnancy. Thank you so so much!

Ramona T says:

Too much talk!! Not enough stretch.

Kerry M. says:

Too much talking

Sandra Cruz says:

Thank you for this video, I've been doing this stretch very often during my pregnancy and I can honestly say it helped with aches and pains along the way. Your voice and the background music are so calming, I love it!

Happee Rafols says:

It really relieves pain

Alyssa Zeissler says:

I found your video extremely calming and I truly loved the ease in the stretches you displayed. This is my first pregnancy and I look forward to using your stretch routine on a daily basis. Thank you! ❤

Aian Caballes says:

Its really help my wofe to have a good sleep durong pregnncy

A C says:

Thank you! You are so beautiful, I hope you and your children are well.

Karine Youssef says:

I love this stretch! I do it everyday! Thank you! It feels so good everywhere!! 😍

Gabbie Taylor says:

Congrats I know your baby's going toreally love you and she or he is going to be. Boy:handsome
Girl beautiful 😀

Sunil Nandal says:

Truly helpful. Thanks a lot 🙏🏻

Yoga with Calyn says:

Awesome class, thank you!

R A N T I T G A L says:

loved these stretches !!! felt super relaxed ! thank you

Paula Bender says:

Oh my! I am 8 months pregnancy and I was suffering this morning with my back pain and with this stretches I feel way better now! Thank you!

Marama Hokianga says:

Loved this a lot – I've been having slight pains in my hips especially in the evening! Wonderful and Godbless you 🙂

Doctrina Vitae says:

Love this! Such a gentle, kind approach, thank you!!! <3 <3 <3

Shay F G says:

This so helped me sleep! At 36 weeks, it was so needed! Thank you!!

nenaboricua1221 says:

Very relaxing video. I can't reach my toes though 🙁

Lauren A. says:

so good! I appreciate a realistic stretching routine that isn't so long and complicated.

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