Quick Workout for a Bigger Back (BANDS ONLY!)

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Supersets for this workout:
1) 15 Lat Pulldowns Superset with 15 Straight Arm Pushdowns
2) 15 Bent Over Rows Superset with 15 High Rows

For this workout, you’ll need a single resistance band and that’s all. A mat, and Swiss ball are completely optional but recommended.


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Intro Song: Always Have by Castor Troy

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Amruddin Saifi says:

i learn more from ur videos than any other fitness channel on youtube. They are so simple and easy to follow. It helped me a lot in my training.

Where are new videos??? Miss them.

Marlon Hester says:

I tried this routine for the first time today and it's a killer. When you don't go too heavy and just use an adequate band strength with the proper form that he suggests it makes all the difference. I love bands.

Jay G says:

Great video bro, seriously

smart saifi says:

I like to much

Mike Velasco says:

Thanks for posting this!!!

Daddio Mello says:

Yeoo cuzz.. Where'd you get your pants from? ♿️🌀🔵🔥🔥🔥🔥

Rachel Reeve says:

This was very useful thank you!

Leonel Garcia says:

I'll be triying it today!!
Best regards

beach bum says:

awsome pump with this!

Geraldo Fonseca says:

Thanks for this mate 🙂

guardiangarasu says:

Finally someone explaining the form for these exercises. I was doing these from other videos who just showed how to do them, and mostly felt them in my biceps not my back. I just lost over 400 lbs, and am trying to get into resistance training to strengthen my muscles, and know nothing about proper forms. Thank you for explaining the proper forms for this. Also what helps is, you have the exact same bands I got. Others are using what looks like giant fan belts. lol


Vince, happy New Year. Do you have some exercises for bigger shoulders??

Nacho Scocco says:

You have more nipples than my mom

Melvin Lange says:

Is it important to change your workout every week, 2weeks, month,…

Rahul Mehra says:

Sit I have just started gym and I am thin pls suggest me beginning exercises and how I will gain fat ..pls guide me

nadav Taichman says:

Great tutorial video 💪🏽

Sue McConchie says:

Great stuff! More band workouts, please, Vince!!

rahul sharma says:

a man has no calfs

julio flores says:

Awesome workout tips! 💪

Julian Martinez says:

I don't even work out I just sub cuz he's so hot and just like to see a hot guy workout😍

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