Reddit Bodyweight Fitness Recommended Routine (Updated Version) | 90-Day Transformation!

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90-Day Transformation! Reddit Bodyweight Fitness Recommended Routine (Updated Version) | Official NoobStrength Video

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The Recommended Routine (RR) in the Bodyweight Fitness Subreddit is one of the best free workouts out there. I decided to try the Recommended Routine for 90 days (3 months) in an attempt to transform my body. I had gained a little bit of winter padding and was looking to regain my abs and build strength in bodyweight fitness & calisthenics.

The RR is a total body weight strength routine meant to be done three times a week. Overall, it consists of a warm up, three pairs of strength exercises and a core triplet as a finisher. The routine also seems like it has a good degree of customization. It offers multiple tracks and progressions for each type of exercise.

It covers the following movements and bodyweight exercises: Pull Ups, Squats, Dips, Hinge, Rows, Push Ups, Anti-Extension, Anti-Rotation and Extension.

For me, I did the weighted pull-up, pistol squat, weighted ring dip, barbell hip thrust, front lever, one arm push up, ab wheel, Pallof press and reverse hyperextension.

If you’re looking for an introduction to bodyweight fitness or calisthenics, the Recommended Routine and the r/bodyweightfitness Reddit community are definitely things to check out!

Check out r/bodyweightfitness here:

Here is a link to the Body Weight Fitness Reddit Recommended Routine:

Here is a link to the Warm Up for the r/bodyweightfitness recommended routine by Antranik:

Here is a quick guide to the various parts of the video:

Overview of the Reddit Bodyweight Fitness Recommended Routine:

How I tailored the Workout Routine For My Own Skill Level and Goals

My Nutrition Strategy for the RR

My Journey doing the Recommended Routine

2-Months in Results

Maximal Strength Tests

Before & After Pictures

Closing Thoughts & Recommendations for Beginners

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Omar Emad says:

Incredible video I am going to start this routine tnx for the effort to make such a video

Pafeetus says:

the lighting in this is terrible – good vid tho

Don Ledesma says:

what did you do on the "rest'" days?

Dallas Dwayne says:

Nice, man. I dig the video. Now to explore Your channel…

Tùng Đào says:

Great insight! Im going to try this routine tomorrow.

Cuong Manh says:

All those tips very helpful for me and everyone praticing RR. However one thing i want do remind you is your body pretty imbalance. Any one side exercise should be replaced with both side. At push up sets you should change to pseudo planche push up to improve left side. For leg, with you access to barbell, replace squat sets with barbell squat, and hinge sets with deadlift. Bodyweight have limited progress with legs compare to weighted training.

David says:

Subbed my man, IF ALL GOES WELL i'll be back in 3 months with results. Atm I also follow the c25k jogging program (in between workout days) but I might have to cut that out if it ends up burning me out. We'll see how this all goes~

Gorgy Porgy says:

dude your voice is fire

Horesmi says:

Holy shit the endurance burn out made me quit working out for a year. My workouts took up to two hours and I was dead at the end.

You bring up great solutions I'll try them!

Also I didn't know the amount of sets was abnormal, I was just beating myself down for being too lazy.

P J says:

Thanks for the pdf captain

Opel Astra says:

First I really like that video. It's very organised and gives you the whole necessary info to start and achieve results with the RR. I personally tried it for 5 months in light caloric surplus and using whey protein powder. Well I am really proud of what I've achieved.

Challenge myself says:

well-organized video! Thanks for the effort and it certainly helps!

Rick P. says:

Full wood with the Cap outfit you dig

NoobStrength says:

Are you new to fitness and need help getting started? Download my free beginner fitness & nutrition guide here! No equipment needed! (Make sure to hit "Get Started")

Omar Laik says:

can i delete core exercises because the core is already worked Onother exercises

נדב נגבי says:

i think i just found my new favorite youtuber

Joe Smith says:

I'm a noob and I really push hard on intense exercises and I am spent. I heard cardio helps with that, getting the heart rate up in the high intensity for awhile at least. I certainly will use the exercise rotation method you use. Thanks so much, friend.

A T says:

Please next time check that the cameras are in focus!!

Sheev • 15 years ago says:

Are you saying that you gained muscle on a calorie deficit?

Omar Laik says:

can i delete core exercices because the core is already worked in all other exercices

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