Replace Your SHOULDER Day At The Gym With This HOME WORKOUT

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Follow along with Chris Heria as he shows you how to Replace Your SHOULDER Day At The Gym With This HOME WORKOUT. Take all the exercises you do at the gym to your own home there’s no need for weights and get a super-effective workout anywhere.

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Unfortunately the last two weeks I had gotten severely sick, and had been stuck in bed trying to recover. Most days I had one meal (chicken soup & lots of liquids) and some days I did not eat at all.
Luckily I had pre recorded a couple videos for thenx and my vlog channel so I have been able to continue my normal upload schedule, but I was unable to workout for 2 weeks. This upload was the first day of me getting to workout again as I’m finally recovering, & I’m really excited to make a strong comeback!
But because of being stuck in bed I lost over 13lbs and you can definitely see it in this video! Just wanted to let you guys know I’m OK and coming back stronger than ever! Thanks for always supporting & watching every week, that was definitely the motivation I needed to get me back on my feet! See you next Sunday & this Thursday on my VLOG Channel! Mad love!🖤

Azri Fadhullah says:

thanks for making and telling us bout this! I did it already for 2 weeks in a row and I really love this, actually when the burn feeling comes lol

Zenbane says:

So I actually performed this entire routine for the first time yesterday. I was only able to get through 2 full rounds. When I woke up… I was sore in places and ways that my gym routine rarely provided. I'm still in home quarantine and these routines are fantastic. Not only do I no longer miss the gym, but I may never return even after the pandemic ends. Great content!

Raven Campo says:

Best workout vlogger ever

Martí Armengou Molins says:

Friendly suggestion: stop moving your hands so much when you talk

Kai II says:

Thank you so much for these workouts🙏🏽 I had just started to lift before quarantine and I’ve probably gained just as much in these two then the 3 in the gym.

Oleg Sasanchyn Work. says:

The best boys Kris😜👍

Stefan Prole says:

Bands best thing ever for home workout.💪😍🌍

You can do anything with them, they are simple to use and you can gain great muscle with them. I got my at trainhome shop (check on google) and they are awesome.🏆

Shay Salti says:

After only two times using ur training and motivation .. in the studio gym i realy become better .. u r realy know what u r saying ..

Lily Poppy says:

Your neck tatto is so distracting it looks like your neck never ends. But it’s just cuz it’s a dark tattoo.

Devon Wonnacott says:

Dawg look like the bottom of a school table

Mines Throne says:

When I do the side planks I hear a crack in my left shoulder every time I go up 🤣 I can surely keep the rhythm 🤣 Luckily my right shoulder does a better job.

R Laura says:

Awesome stuff

Suneeta Chaurasia says:

miami florida

Suneeta Chaurasia says:

hey chris i know your address

STLEVI says:

Thank you dawg😭

#Team_Alara Joel says:

Glad you are much better now Boss. Stay strong!!!!!!!

TheIncredibleHieb says:

Wtf is this cameraperspektive. Why don't you show what the dude is doing half the time.

Dred says:

Can i do this everyday just 10 reps only

Cygnus says:

what if you can't do a side raise because of balancing issues?

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