Resistance Band Arm Workout – Build your Biceps and Triceps Workout

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This Resistance Band Arm workout will help you build strong and toned Biceps and Triceps!
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• 8 total exercises performed in supersets
• 2 sets of each superset
• 40 seconds on // 20 seconds off // 40 second extended breaks

1. Drag Curls
2. Tricep Kickbacks
3. Close curls
4. Overhead Tricep Extensions
5. Concentration Curls (L)
6. Concentration Curls (R)
7. Skull Crushers
8. Seated Hammer Curls

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Bandana Sharma says:

It was very hard for me to get into the resistance band but once i tried I realized it takes out the fatigue from my muscles better than other cross-training when I bike or something. My arms are a weak point and often get a sprained elbow or rotator cuff on one side from carrying my bike up the tiny staircase i have so I think this is really gonna help. Great video, thanks a million! 😀

Andrean Lobo says:

Must say that these are extremely useful .. especially in these times when going to the gym seems a bit risky.. thanks

Sara'le Lerner says:

It's a great workout

James Prince says:

One of my faves. Where’s Jen & Cash ?

progyan das says:

My band tore while doing this . 😂😞

Mohsin Mohamad says:

1. Drag Curls 0:50
2. Tricep Kickbacks 2:03
3. Close curls 5:10
4. Overhead Tricep Extensions 6:25
5. Concentration Curls (L) 9:25
6. Concentration Curls (R)
7. Skull Crushers 13:45
8. Seated Hammer Curls 15:05

Rafael Villegas says:

Great workout man, keep on with these vids

George Aguila says:

Great workout for this time where we can't go to the gym. I'm glad I found it. Thank you!

Alden Silvestre says:

i love your workouts but those concentration curls kind of suck

jtlemb says:

New and wondering where is a good place to start on the videos, interested in arms, abs, legs etc put do different body part every other day. How do I know where to start (what color) bands?

Loren Richmond Jr says:

Enjoying your videos, only recommendation would be preview next exercise sooner so viewers have time to prepare bands/change positions between sets.

Real ThaMaskRapper says:

I need to do this

Steve Petersen says:

I bought some resistance bands the day before the gym closed for the pandemic basically because they were all I could find. What I discovered was they are a great workout and DJ is AWESOME. They have been a lifesaver during this time and DJ is the best trainer I have ever had. His tone and encouragement are perfect. Thank you DJ and achieve peak!

Paul Tilley Digital says:

perfect for lockdown haha

Elliot Fallows says:

Finally a workout that works for me,
thank you!

Craig Tampin says:

Just got some resistance bands, came across this video on youtube. Ssen a lot more exercises for certain muscle types, clear instructions. Love the timer on the side so i feel a sense of achievement on completing the goal. Covid19 has stopped most things but wont stop me from keeping fit. Subscribed, keep up the good work.

DisneyFan65 says:

Good Arm workout. I was having some trouble isolating my triceps when I did the skull crushers. Tried lighter and heavier bands with the same result.

Vedika Jiandani says:

Great workout! Thank you!

Keith Kempton says:

Quick and tough!

vertigohan says:

Any website where I can purchase a good quality pull-up bar and some reliable resistance bands? Thanks

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