Resistance Band Arm Workout – Triceps, Biceps, Shoulders

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This resistance band arm workout focuses on triceps, biceps and shoulders. It’s the follow up to this popular workout that’s mostly shoulders & back:

This workout is broken up into three circuits: triceps, biceps, shoulders. You’ll do the first two on the right, then the left, then finish centered with the shoulder circuit.

You do each exercise for 15-20 seconds (specified below). Do the exercises back to back, rest 15 seconds, then repeat. In total, you’ll complete each circuit three times.

This workout will take you 20 minutes. Rest for 30 seconds in between each circuit (or longer if needed—just pause the video).

See 1:52 in the video for a preview of all the exercises.

Circuit 1 – triceps, 20 sec each exercise
—Triceps Kickbacks
—Triceps Bend – Stretch
—Straight Lifts

Circuit 2 – biceps/shoulders, 15 sec each exercise
—Serve the Platter
—Serve Pulses
—Lateral Extension
—Lateral Pulses

Repeat Circuits 1 & 2 on left arm

Circuit 3 – shoulders, 15 sec each exercise
—Overhead Raise
—Overhead Pull
—Pull at Chest Height

As with all workouts, make sure to warm up beforehand. I have two on my channel:
—5-Min Warm Up
—7-Min Gentle Warm Up (no jumping)

A proper cool-down is important, too! Take some time to stretch after this workout. I have one on my channel:

Full blog post:—triceps,-biceps-&-shoulders/

—Another upper body workout with a mini band focusing on shoulders and back:
—Upper body and core workout with a resistance band loop:

—Studio Pumps

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AnOuRieL85 says:

this is the REAL DEAL!!!! more like that please !!!

Ravi Guru Singh says:

Did this during quarantine, did not regret.

Tess says:

BURNER!! Thank you for showing new ways to use my bands :).

Jo Sheikh says:

This is an amazing workout! The burn is real. Thanks Nicole!

Eun Byeol Go says:


Ellen Hsieh says:

My arms are burning!!! I tried not to focus on the timer but it's so hard not to lol great video!!

Mac Leauanae says:

Honestly, my arms are gone… thank you!

Forrest says:

Super good workout! Love the video you posted two years ago. And this one is even better👍

Kaitlin Riedl says:

Holy fuck this was difficult

Lauren T says:

my arms are noodles now, thank you!!!! lol

Debbie St says:

Does this work for the upper back as well?

Kelsey Drew says:

Holy crap that is no joke

Ruthy Otero says:

That was great. Loved your constant reminders. Thanks Nicole.

ha ns says:

Where’d you get the top you’re wearing? Super cute! I’d rather wear this than a sports bra. Super cute!

PQ H says:

wow! this was such a good workout that I can barely type this! Love this! thank you!

SpookysDarling says:

omg my arms are DEAD haha, thank you for this awesome workout!

narutojapan11 says:

YAAAAS girl u just got a new subscriber!! Love this workout gonna add it to my routine!! Please do one on resistance band abs too!

Catriona Talbot says:

This is a tougher (and I'm sure more effective) workout than all the ones I've tried by huge guys with huge muscles. As someone who has taken up weight training after 65 I can vouch for the fact that muscles don't necessarily atrophy as we get older. I have developed more muscle in the last five years than I've ever had in my life by working out at the gym a couple of times a week. This workout is every bit as serious as anything I've ever done in the gym. Thanks so much for this.

ha ns says:

Like when I just simply bend my arms

ha ns says:

How do you know if you’re pulling a muscle? After doing this on both arms the back of my arms feel like I’ve never stretched them before and quite uncomfortable 🙁

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