Resistance Band Booty At Home Workout | Glute Activation

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This workout will tone, shape, and grow the booty at home or in the gym using just resistance/mini/loop bands! Glute activation is SO important when it comes to proper glute work.

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Toned Legs Round Booty Workout:
20 min Leg/Butt/Thigh:
20 min Dumbbell Leg Workout:

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almiralaycymusic says:

8:07 that music change bamboozles me every time goddammit

Christina Sissel says:

Thank you Maddie!!

Ana Cantarero says:

alguien aquí que hable en español porfavor ? Gracias

Swarna Anooroop says:

Love your booty band workout! Very very useful during this quarantine period. Thank you for posting these videos 👍

Heidi Eisemann says:

I did this for a month and i already see results! my butt was already a nice size but it is way more round and perky. it is more firm and defined compared to how it used to be. I started off 5 days a week but went down to 3. I use ankle weights and the resistance band. 🙂 yall can do it.

Mary Williams says:

Thank you for these awesome workouts!!! Love this one particularly!!! (Beginner here) and would LOVE to see more of these types of workouts 🙂 You’re KILLIN it!!

jupiter is a bean says:

this is so effective for glute activation!

chrissi p says:

This is a great warm up 🤗

Iza Marszałek says:

You are amazing! <3 Thanks for the videos!

Mad Couple says:

my glutes hurts. Thanks for sharing <3

Sarah Tanner says:

OMG thanks for these workouts, lifesaver during covid! I got my booty bands at and they are the non slip kind, I had some other ones before that kept slipping down when using them but these are the BOMB! Also after I bought them I got an email with a discount code for next time "booty30" if anyone wants to use it! x

Cherrysh Your Health Fitness says:

I loved this workout!

Stephanie Handjiiska says:

This one is quite light, maybe use it as a warm up for a more serious butt workout.

ANIIML says:

Thankyou SO much! You're saving my ass (literally) at this time! THANKYOU!!!

Wine Witch says:

your body so cute! ♡

Arizona Melgard says:

Can u list the band you use — a link or something? new to these bands.

Jenna Croghan says:

Loving your channel! Can you please throw in some more resistance band workouts for full body? Thank you. Sending love from Bermuda!

Shay Singh says:

Can someone tell me if this gives them results? I have like no butt and I started running to lose body fat and get toned, but obviously I'm gonna lose the little fat on my butt as well so I'm looking for an exercise that will really grow it.

Nela Pisarczyk says:

hey will you do some exercises for songs but this time with booty band?

İpek Çalık says:

I'd pair this one with your 30 min full body fat burn workout and i loved it! As always, i had so much fun working out with you!:) I just have a question, can anybody tell me how can i use the mini band without slipping down? I love using resistance band but it always slipping when i start to train (especially moves like donkey kicks) I'd be really appreciated if someone could help :/ Sorry for my bad English by the way, thank you! xox

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