Resistance Band Butt and Thigh Workout – Lower Body Burnout

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HLB512 says:

I just got bands recently… I alternate between the bands and weights.
This was sweaty. I wasn’t even expecting it to be.

careTWOdance says:

I used this as a workout after another of your warmup cardio videos 👍🏻

Constance Smith says:

I add a couple extras to this one. Some arm movements while doing the squats, as well as trying to stay low while completing the squats. Made me more attentive along the way. Now that I have completed this one a couple if times without a resistance band or weights, I am going to step it up and add both of those to the routine! 👍👍

Leah Summer says:

I love doing this twice through and finishing with 10 minutes of core..great workout! Thank you!! #themusclesamurai

tifftaylor07 says:

More resistance band workouts, please! 🙂

Rutuja Rasane says:

Best nd result is very good such good yt channel for exercise God bless you 💛💛

Yvonne Pan says:

This is a fantastic workout! I am sweating like crazy. I love using bands because it's easy to inc or dec difficulty without compromising quality. I used this as a stand alone workout, but I will also be using it as a burnout one as well. Love it!

CinFa says:

I'm normally an active person whose job is becoming more sedentary and it's starting to show! I plan to take short breaks during my work day and short exercise routines are ideal to keep me moving and strong. I just completed this work for that reason. I also plan to sprinkle your other short workouts throughout my day to target different muscle groups.

Paula Naves says:

I'll do this one with ankle weights. I've got no resistance band.

Hannah says:

Great targeted workout for me as I'm a out of shape!

Deanna and family vlogs says:

I'm sweating its 70 degrees where I am…I added this on to your other 20 min butt and though workout.

kotompeikon says:

kelli you are my idol. You and Daniel have helped me so much. Every video you are together the energy is amazing. I cant wait for new videos <3

m g says:

Thanx 4 the band wo! I used it after a HIIT workout vid w/ FB 🙂

NiambiKnows says:

Enjoyed the workout. I used it as a complete workout today. Thanks

Health & Fitness Expert says:

VERY NICE VIDEO HERE!!! I Like It!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

#Life says:

Kellie your butt wasn’t like that before …. wow good progress you have booty and this really shows how real your videos are. Keep up the good work. Thank you

Marina Stepanova says:

Will this help me to slim thights?🙏

sky lee says:

So discouraging to hear people use this workout as a tag on to another workout. I do it on its own and my lower body is done after

Health Extreme-53 says:

Very good exercise!

TheJellymonty says:

Me at the start: This is easy peasy!
Me at the end: D-E-A-D.

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