Resistance Band Chest Workout 🔴[ No Attaching Bands to Anything ]🔴

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In this Resistance Band Chest Workout you will use your resistance bands without attaching to get a serious pump in your chest.


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Check out this 20 minute resistance band chest workout:

The current resistance bands we use:

This exercise tube workout is short but it is serious. Figure out what type of resistance you need to really push yourself and then get started. Prepare to make gains!

WORKOUT OVERVIEW: Resistance Band Chest Workout
• 7 Exercises
• No need to attach bands to anything
• 2 sets of each exercise
• 30 Sec On // 15 Sec Off // 30 Sec Extended Break

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IQDose says:

Amazing video. The most informative I've found on Youtube. I only have one question. How many times should I do this workout a day?

Gerry Gizzy Garcia says:

How many days a week u do this

Michael mcnoob says:

Good workout 👍

ShaDz786TV says:

Great workout! I use it as an extra push after a normal endurance workout. Awesome stuff!

B Finney says:

THANK YOU!!!!💪🏾 Excellent video, practical workouts that work!

Morris V says:

Great video! Especially during this quarantine! Trying to keep my man boobs under control lol.


I have disc bulge in cervical and lower back area , so can I use it?

Ricky Vaughn says:

This si great. Thanks man

one mind ones said says:

Extremely dangerous I hit my eyes with one of these went blind for a week from 1 eye. Be careful people.

Marcus Bradford says:

Wish there was more information about what bands to use.

Hoey says:

This was the first chest workout That was easy and didnt need a a lot to do Thank you so much man

Mohsin Mohamad says:

1:05 Standing Incline Chest Press
2:28 Lying Decline Chest Press
4:20 Staggered Hand Push Ups
6:05 Wide Stance Single Arm Low Pushover
9:34 Standing High Cable Crossover
11:25 Close Arm Band Push Ups

Matt Likes To Draw says:

Did I enjoy it, no it’s burns ! On a serious note great work out, keeping me fit while the gyms are shut

Tiyapo ndhlovu says:

I dont normally subscribe but this has been the best band workout ive found. Thanks

Steve Petersen says:

This is awesome and has been a lifesaver with the gym closed. Does DJ have anything with either resistance bands or a medicine ball for the abs? I LOVE the length and intensity of DJ's workouts.

Michael Knox says:

Thank you so much. Like and subscribed…

Terrell Johnson says:

I can't for the life of me find the video you did it involves squats and biceps, lunges… Etc

johann daccarett says:


superhuman__1 says:

When you say “focus on that squeeze” how do we do that? I don’t know how to do that.

Mo naz says:

Can these snap and get smacked in the face ?

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