Resistance Band Forearm Workout At Home to Get Ripped!

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Follow along workout routine to build your forearm muscles with a resistance band!
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Official Anabolic Aliens video of: Resistance Band Forearm Workout At Home to Get Ripped!

Grab your resistance bands and get ready for an intense forearm workout! This routine is performed in a round format meaning you’re working exercise to exercise and once you finish all 6 exercises, then you’re down with 1 full round. For each exercise, perform 15 repetitions. If it’s a unilateral exercise, then you do 15 reps per side. Rest between each exercise for 30 seconds. You can use this workout as a 1-round finisher at the end of your arm day or you can do multiple sets to maximize volume for a full forearms workout. If you’re doing multiple sets, try 3-4 rounds and rest 1-3 minutes in between rounds depending on your experience level. There is also a rep counter and rest timer included in the video so you can follow right along. This resistance band forearm workout will help you build muscle right at home. Get after it Aliens!

1. High Downward Alternating Squeezed Wrist Curl – 1:40
2. High Downward Rear Rotation – 3:12
3. Middle Wrist Circles – 4:20
4. Middle Hand In Outs – 5:41
5. Low Upward Alternating Squeezed Reverse Wrist Curl – 7:06
6. Low Upward Frontal Rotation – 8:29


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Anabolic Aliens says:

Them forearms gonna be on fire after this resistance band only home workout, let's get it!
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William Nguyen says:

Thanks so much! I needed forearm strength for baseball season and just because I was generally unaware of forearm exercises. I’m super glad resistance bands can help, and I love dumbbells! Wish me luck, I hope I make the tryouts 🙂

They Should Have Never Given Me Internet says:

He puts on a super painful face at the very first rep

VsC Free Fire says:

Less goo 1million

Robert Gonzales says:

Hell yeahhhh

Paul Robinson says:

Do all this guys workouts. Never felt burn like it. Newer ones are better than the 5 min ones

Shikamaru Nara says:

Thanks Mike big helps

Daniel M says:

There is something about how you speak and hold yourself. Your tone is kind and supportive. You seem genuine and good-willed. I feel at ease when watching your vids. Thank you.

William Jones says:

Routine looks awesome, I am gonna try it in a second.

I have subscribed and will have a good look through your other content.

kumar paltan says:

Very interested video

salvin dsouza says:

1:50 starts

frostbite585 says:

"Squeeze as hard as you can aliens, come on!" – Fox Mulder

Russ Hutch says:

Officially subscribed! Love the energy my guy. Happy new year God bless

Danny Al says:

nice man cool videos u give positive vibes new sub here👍🏻

Yonata Leake says:

this is very good for exercise where is selling Amazon or where bro

David Arteche says:

Other way😀

Nice workout!!

David Hawkyard says:

Been super depressed since I can't hit the gym because my city is on lockdown, so I bought some resistance bands. You single handedly gave me workouts that make me feel the same progress the gym gave, and maybe more. Thanks so much Mike.

dawg830 says:

when the bands are at the mid and low levels you can turn away from the bands and do the same exercises for more resistance

rishabh c says:

Overacting 101

Ekyyy24 says:

i wish i had resistance bands..

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