Resistance Band Glutes and Thigh Workout – Build Your Backside

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Resistance Band Glutes and Thighs Workout starting now. Get ready to build a bangin’ backside ladies and gentlemen. This is a 24 minute resistance band glute workout and will require a bench or chair for the 5th exercise.

Exercise Tutorial Are Here: 00:26:00

Instagram: @AchvPeak

• 6 exercises performed in Supersets
• 4 sets of each superset
• 30 seconds on // 30 seconds off // 45 second extended breaks

1. Band Resisted Squatting Lateral Step
2. Romanian Deadlift (RDL’s)

3. Reverse Lunges
4. Band Resisted Squats

5. Bulgarian Split Squat (You’ll need a bench or chair for this)
6. Quadrupled Hip Extension

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Kally Tsekouras says:

I injoy your exercise it made become more activel luv It

Alberto Rodriguez says:

Thanks a lot for all the rutines. I lost 40pounts before the quarentin by going to the gym and thanks to your videos I still in the same shape. Greetings from Morelia, México.

Tony McClintock says:

Hello, I'm 65yrs old and I would love to have the energy the baby has during this workout. Great job guys, making me strong and fit.

Aneesh Hendre says:

Great workout! Especially during this Lockdown due to Pandemic.. Just had a request for you guys, can you make a video for some basic stretches which must be done at the end of each workout! That would be of great help! Thank you..

Keith Kempton says:

that was a great workout!

Ingrid Burling says:

I;d love to do this, but I have terrible knees and can't actually kneel. Can you do a butt/glutes workout that does not involve kneeling at all?

Rene Silva says:

Good work our but that child is VERY distracting. Also noticed on this and other work outs the coach/trainer does not show you how to do the exersize before he starts. Waste time learning when work out starts. Would be nice if he showed the move at least once before the set

Nio Richardson says:

I've done two of your workouts for the past two days (I just finished one right before this). I hate that I found this so late. I really think that I can do this one! I am a kidney patient and I have been told to exercise, but I couldn't find any that I could, or wanted to do. You guys have changed that. Awesome stuff! I'm going to try this one this week.

Beth Upton says:

I wish I had seen this before I did the workout but next time I do it I will be much better
Great workout btw

annie g says:

How many calories would you say it burns?

Susan O'Connor says:

I'm so glad I found you! I've never found a workout that I not only like to do, but WANT to do! I'm a 64 yr old grandmother, looking to build strength and stamina and feel so good about pushing myself with your workouts. I don't know how you monetize your channel, but I'll find out and fully support you!

LaSonia Lamay says:

Wow! This one definitely targets the lower body. Exactly what I needed. This is my 1st time doing this wo, I'm sure the more I do this one the easier it will get. Thank you both for an awesome wo. Have a fabulous day. Your baby is so cute. He was staying busy too. 🍒💕🍒

Jess Rena says:

Great workout!!

Linda A says:

I enjoy all your videos..I feel great after I do them…and I love seeing the baby….🤗

Karen C says:

Hello guys,
I don't know what I love most the exercises or your baby☺☺😍anyway I really enjoy your videos and I see wonderful results. All my gratitude

bose sundan says:

Can these reduce butt size ?!

Lascelles Powell Jr. says:

just seen for first time , you all rock !!! thanks for finding the time !! keep them coming please !

William Sears says:

Awesome workout!

Jennifer Fountain says:

This was super awesome! Especially having your baby with you because mine we're right beside me as well! Your channel might be just what I needed to get back into a workout routine!! Thank YOU both!!!

Sau S says:

Even buddy joins you in your workout!!
This was short, effective and great set. Thanks guys! m/

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