Resistance Band Glutes Workout At Home | Real Time 30 mins

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♥ Today I’m bringing you a 30-minute at home resistance band leg and booty workout! It’s a really intense workout so grab your bottle of water and let’s tone our booties and legs! Remember if you don’t have resistance bands you can do this workout on its own and it will still be equally as good. Doing this workout with a resistance band allows you to push yourself harder and makes for a really good warm-up right before your leg workout at the gym.

This leg and booty workout consists of 4 sets of 2 exercises in each set. We’re going to repeat each set twice and in between each set we will be doing a cardio exercise with the resistance band on to keep our heart rate high and burn some extra calories.

1. alternating squats with cross-over lunges (12x on each leg)
2. squats with side leg raises (12x on each leg)
CARDIO: jumping squats (30 secs)
| 30 secs break and repeat one more time |

1. kick backs with pulses (x12 on each leg)
2. deadlifts (12x)
CARDIO: 30-sec sprint with the resistance band on
| 30 secs break and repeat one more time |

1. fire hydrants (x12 on each leg)
2. straight leg kick backs (x12 on each leg)
CARDIO: in and out jumping squats (30 secs)
| 30 secs break and repeat one more time |

1. one legged hip thrusts (12x on each leg)
2. frog hip thrusts (12x)
| 30 secs break and repeat one more time |

In all my workout I will always provide the more difficult and the less difficult versions of each exercise so that everyone can find something for themselves.

Set 1 starts at 0:59
Exercise 1- 1:22
Exercise 2- 3:06
Cardio- 4.39

Set 2 starts at 11:22
Exercise 1- 12:02
Exercise 2- 14.07
Cardio- 15.05

Set 3 starts at 20:05
Exercise 1- 20:30
Exercise 2- 22:03
Cardio- 23:06

Set 4 starts at 27:34
Exercise 1- 28:37
Exercise 2- 29:59

Don’t just sit and watch me working out, get up and exercise with me! Trust me you will feel amazing!

Enjoy the burn and stay strong! ♥

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional so please contact a trained professional such as a personal trainer or a doctor before giving this workout a go.


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Healthy Living says:

Great video you have a nice body figure, what workout would you recommend for back and legs x

Sally Gonzales says:

Great video – thank you 🙂 Will be ordering a band!!
And those legs!! Wow!

Harry Phokou says:


Andy Kurka says:

Verry good video. Very good trainig 👍👌😁

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