Resistance Band Pilates Workout | Arms, Butt, Abs | 15 Minute Routine | Lottie Murphy

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Try this fun full body Pilates routine using a resistance band.

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Filmed by Ben Crocker at LEVEL SIX studio in Peckham.

Wearing Lululemon.


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Brooke Iacone says:

For those with small looped bands (made for wearing on legs , etc.) I found that using the band labeled "light" or the most stretchy, I was able to modify this workout to mimic the long band she has! Great for beginners, thank you (:

Sara MJ says:

Great workout with resistance band!! Loved it!!!!

Sara Woodruff says:

I am loving everything. This was a favorite for sure. In the midst of all of this craziness, your workouts are some of the brightest spots in my day. Thank you!🥰

Raliat says:

I just found your channel and I am so glad I did! Thank you so much.

oleum says:

This was awesome! Thank you 🙂

Željka Ćuk says:

this is best video..i like the way you explain everything and it is easy to follow and i really enjoy it…i hope you will do another one

manish kumar says:

Thank you very much you said very well 🙏💕

Sandra Kim says:

5:20 I almost had an accident here

Sarah Doom says:

I loved this exercise so much wow. I always had a resistance band in my house but rarely used it. Wow, come back Lottie 😉😍

Camila M says:


Oliwia Michałowska says:

ly good exercises <3

薈咲夢 says:

I like your lessons clearly , And your soft voice is very good🤞😊❤️

My Name is Sabrina says:

Fantastic 🙌🏽 so informative. Thank you.

bibhu bal says:

you are British

Vaibhav Shirbhate says:

How to determine the kind of resistance band one should as per his her strength

Melina Saint Thunderdome says:

This was fantastic. Would you be able to make more Pilates routines with a resistance band?

Ildikó Romanoczki says:

This is one of the best exercises I have ever tried. I really enjoy it!☺️

joyyook1234 says:

this is so helpful! thank you so much

Catie says:

Love using the band – it is so versatile! I am an instructor too, but have been working to do more pilates as opposed to just teaching it! Do you use a mic when filming? Would love to make some videos like this 🙂

nova&luna says:

Please do more workouts with a resistance band. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you so much Lottie ✨🌹🌈

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