Resistance Band Pull! (Back, Biceps, Shoulders) | At home band workout to build muscle

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A Stoic says:

Exercise list below 🤘🖖🙂

40 seconds workout, 20 seconds rest throughout

Intro and Warm-up:
00:00 Intro
00:35 Band Pull Apart
01:15 Banded Arm Circle

02:20 Bent Over Row
05:35 Seated Row
08:34 Lat Pulldown
11:45 Upright Row
14:52 Bicep Curl

18:35 Cat Pose
18:53 Child's Pose
19:07 Deltoid Pulls

Awesome workout as usual, Alex; thanks!

the30yearplan says:

Just discovered this channel, love everything about the workout: timing, explanations, encouragements, feline cameo, & the countdowns.

Man says:

Wish u had more of resistance band

Man says:

Awesome Alex.
Do more by resistance band as it works even when injured

Ajay Sanicharra says:

I like how the second I stopped, you kept saying don't stop lmfaoooo. You earned yourself a new subscriber immediately lol

Marwan. Mohamad says:

Love it alex

Alessandro says:

great channel and very useful homefit! how many kg have those resistence bends? I have one with 25kg

Philip B says:

Top workout, Alex 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Griffin Lai says:

Excellent Trainer !

Ben Porter says:

This is great! Is there a push workout on the way?

Peter Hillary says:

WOW this was a great workout – did more than I thought, must admit though I am alot more motivated when you do these shirtless. GOALS!

Isaac Bompoint says:

One of the best pull workout i did ! thanks you very much, my biceps never hurt me so much since i can't go to the gym anymore

NoTimeToBeVoid. says:

Is there going to be a push and lower body one to go with that that is updated?

Gracie Anduze says:

Love working with bands, this is a great follow along for the upper body, thanks for sharing.

Anthony Mannall says:

Quick simple but a nice burner this routine – Well presented Alex 🙂

Algernon a-seymour says:

I dont usually comment but I have to say this was one of the best workout I have ever done. Made me really realise the importance of time under tension rather than just doing reps. Although this workout was super short compared to my usual workouts, the fatigue was tougher on this one. This vid was really eye opening so I want to say thank you! Also I'm not sure if it was intentional but the timing of the isolated biceps exercise was perfect because just before going into it all my other muscle groups were pretty workout but I felt like I needed a bit more for my biceps. And the isolated bicep came in perfect timing. Also the ending with holding the bicep under tension was amazing. I'll most likely be using these workouts while working out at home. Once again thank you for sharing this video!!!

Sampath Ganegoda says:

Thank you man! keep it up

Ross Marshall says:

What resistance bands did you use?

Fox Motivation says:

I thought wtf only one bizeps exercise how should that work.. but damn i was wrong haha my muscle hurt too much. Great workout man! 😂👍

EZ BZ says:

OOOH YEAAA❗️❗️❗️ I was definitely feeling those bicep curls at the end there 💪 thank you for so much AMAZING content💯☝️♥️

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