Resistance Band Tip: Training Legs with Resistance Bands

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Richard Shah says:

With weights I know how to assess and increase them. How do you achieve this with bands? (Other than using different bands or increasing slack/tension)?

Thuy Le says:

I love the way you explain the workouts and the reasons behind each moves. Training with RB truly changes my life

Hinnerk Mischke says:

So if you squat upright, is it harder for your flutes or your frontlegs

Bryce Warren says:

What can we do for calves??

Luke Bakhuizen says:

I bought a band set from and they are the best! I have actually enjoyed using them and had some great gains. I used a broom stick (i know lol) with the band to do a bench press and it's exactly like a bench press at the gym. I like that I can travel with a whole set of them and exercise on the go when I am travelling.

Naiils says:

Resistance Band deadlifts are my favourite.. It really does Hurt so good! Thanks James for your informative video’s

Andrew Makarskiy says:

Bought the bands two weeks ago. Having the same workout as with free weights if not more) Good stuff.

Brock Madill says:

Hey James, I've been a natural Bodybuilder for almost 35 years now. I've always loved training legs heavy and used to squat 405 for 11 deep reps. Since the gym closing because of covid-19 I have switched to bands and have done two leg workouts with them. It took a week for the soreness to go away after the first workout and I really pushed the second one a few days ago. I am so BEYOND the usual soreness this time, it's not even funny! I've used a number of your exercises and come up with a few of my own and I'm blown away at how intense I've been able to train legs wiith bands. Thanks for you awesome information on the topic! To anyone out there who is not sure about bands, I'm telling you these things are the real deal!

Kfir Cohen says:

I can't seem to find the app and I'm located in Israel. Should it be available here?

Totally Raw says:

Hey James, what shoes are you wearing here? I love them!

sn41175 says:

Tried it with my new underson bands great workout it’s tough only thing is I realize is I need to order their gloves cause bands are tough on you hands but it’s great it tests your endurance also I did the tabata shock workout and man let me tell you it was really tough I highly recommend

Anon Person says:

The problem is my legs are much stronger than my shoulders (as any balanced body should be, much larger muscles), so doing overhead squats will tire my shoulders out before I get a good leg workout

Krane says:

Fantastic lower body exercise tutorial. I have just one question: where is the time portal back to 1970s wearing cut-offs as training gear? 🤔 Anyway, love the Converse though.

Chris Jackson says:

You've been an advocate of bands for a long time. I got a set of bands about two years ago and I found your vids the best on the subject. I've been mixing band training along side weight training in those years and for me it's the best form of training. Now with this virus I can only use bands and your vids have been inspiring me. Keep it up bro and I hope these times get your more subscribers and viewers. Peace.

Pika Chu says:

I dunno.. His legs don't look good in the first place. Looks more like corona-legs

le be says:

4min 30 video starts

Channel WAVY says:

Where can I buy these bands?

Steven van Santen says:

how much can you stretch the bands? I hear 2,5 times the resting but you stretch it more than that howcome?

Edgar Reyes says:

who else is here because their gyms are closed due to the coronavirus?

Shahna Allen says:

The squat profile and explanation finally helped it click for me. Thank you.

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