Resistance Band Training Drills (Speed)

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Do resistance bands really work? Check out our guide for how to use Resistance Bands to improve your Football skills. Everything from Shooting, power, speed and agility can be developed using these amazing training aids!

Each practice should be performed for 25-30 reps each. Start with light bands and gradually increase the strength of the band.

SETS: 2-3 sets of each exercise -if you are recovering from injury, 1-2 sets is better until you feel 100% fit.

Allow rest time between sets to allow your muscles to recover!

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Catalan Soccer says:

Would you like to see more resistance band training drills? Let us know in the comments!

Hannah Deel says:

also have you heard of radford rush soccer travel team, im in it! 😁

Hannah Deel says:

One thing, I love this, but next time, give us time to set up! I feel rushed! Thank you!

Its jack says:

Hey, am sorry if am bothering you with too many questions, but is it ok if i do some of the exercise incorrectly or its not?

Joey Carabetta says:

Hey man it's me okay again lol. Sorry for asking so much questions but I wanted to know when I will be seeing results if I do these exercises 4 times a week and how would I know it's working.

George says:

HI, got a question. What would be the rep/set ranges you would recommend at the beginning and how would you increase these repitions/sets over time??
Thanks though has really helped me with speed training. 🙂

Ejaz Khan Ahmed says:

I found this video great! Will try these and add them to my weekly Conditioning routine.

Its jack says:

And are these drills for improving your running speed or others?

Joey Carabetta says:

Love the vid!! Just wondering if it was okay if I do 30 reps each exercise and only do 2 sets. Would you recommend that?

Sardar Aayan says:

Does it help to jump high in basketball??

Biggie Cheese says:

Should I do these everyday or take rest days for my legs to recover in between?


I’m a rugby player but I still use this helps so much thanks 💪

Ok Fresh says:


Disha Malhotra says:

Hi, When can we start band workout for kids

Ercan Altingul says:

What age groups should start this ?

Yahya Almajd says:

Thank you very much for this!!!

Jeff Max says:

Where do u get the bands

yabums says:

im sorry but the yellow bands seem too easy for me could I just use the red one even though u said it might cause an i jury

Ollie Fellows says:

is it recommended to do all of these exercises, or pick 5 like you would with any other muscle groups?

Its jack says:

Hello quick question, does sets mean after doing 30 reps of each exercise i take rest then repeat the exercise 30 times again?

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