Resistance Band Workout ✅Chest ✅Back ✅Abs – Band HIIT Workout

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• 12 total Exercises performed in quad-sets
• 4 sets of each quad-set
• 30 sec on // 15 sec off // 30 sec extended break

• Quad Set 1
1. Chest Press
2. Step Outs
3. B.O. Single arm Rows
4. Reverse Wood Chops
• Quad Set 2
1. Burpees w/ Double Push Up
2. W Raise
3. Skip Hops
4. B.O Reverse Grip Row
• Quad Set 3
1. High Cross over
2. Thai Knees
3. Shrug High Pull
4. Sitting Crunch / Reverse Crunch

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Michael Goncalves says:

Been doing one of these workouts 4-5 times per week, really enjoying them. This one kicked my a**, but felt good when I was done! Hopefully in the next month or so I'll be down to my ideal fitness / weight!

Thom Duffy Massage Therapy, LLC says:

thanks for the training sessions! Also helping me how to figure out the safest way to use my new resistance bands. My set feels cheap. I like how you show holding the bands and not the cheap grips. Your workouts are great! You got this old guy moving! Except for burpees – LOL I just don't do them. I do more skips or other while you burpee. thanks again! Yours, Thom

Mike Marotta says:

Great deal for the price!

Balaji Balasubramanian says:

Brilliant workouts. We love the couple versions

Arturo Zermeño says:

greetings from GDL Mx. awesome work out

Leon Keung says:

Since lockdown this has been great! Itd pretty good having no music so you can work out to your own soundtrack and keep on pumping! Thank you again!

super doggie says:

do you ever consider switch to loop resistance band?

There Is No Sandwich says:

1st quad-set: This is pretty fun and not too difficult!

2nd quad-set: Burpee with double push-up


Galan x says:

I love these video's! Thank you.

Being locked down untill 1st of September sucks!

Just got these bands in and needed some motivation and information on how to use them, came out on your channel!
Thanks alot!

liron bensimon says:

A very good lesson. You are very thorough. And your explainations are very good. I enjoyed the lesson a lot.

Chris Sibley says:

Brilliant….. just what the doctor ordered during quarantine.
Deffo will keep using you beyond quarantine.
10/10 💪💪💪💥💥💥

Mister J says:

Kick ass workout!

SnapNapz With Kenny G says:

Thanks for all these amazing workouts! This one was killer

Michael Parks says:

WOOOOOOOO! You the man, thanks, brother! I smashed that like button so hard

Sarah Isted says:

Wow! I was after a good resistance band workout and this certainly provided that! Thanks ACHV 👍

Bobby says:

When all this BS corona virus started everyone bought everything out. All I got is 2 dumbbells and resistant bands to workout with.. didn’t know many things to do with it.. and here u are somehow i found y’all’s channel.I been watching u guys videos for the past 3 weeks working out and learning new exercises. Just now subscribed for some reason. Keep up the great work and thank u !! 🤙

Nicole D says:

This workout was fantastic! It really challenged me and some is still a struggle to get through – I have done it twice this week. Love it!

Chad Zwiers says:

Appreciate the videos!! Crushing your workouts in Toronto Canada

Bruce Hughes says:

Thank you! I just finished this in my basement. You're a fun coach.

Mahendra Raman says:

thanks very good work out

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