Resistance Band Workout! Perfect for Home Training or Travelling!

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Alpha Stacker says:

I bought one from my friends website, time to test it out!

LVNCSR says:


Thomas Ford says:

Great, Where is your e-mail address? Which app would I download, I've already serached and there are several.

Thanks for your rapid response.

Tom Ford

Thomas Ford says:

Hi Alex!
Great workout! Hey, I retired on April 1, after 45 years of hard labor. I had my epiphany at about 40 when I was pushing about 190Lbs. I woke up and got fit and down to 165Lbs. I've been pretty consistent over the years but want to vastly improve now that I've retired.

I'm 69", and weight this morning was 166LBS (down about 4 ) I'll be 68 years in November. I was frustrated by my fitness centers being closed by the pandemic, so I ordered a set of undersun bands. Never used them before and it's a bit awkward, but i think I'm getting results ( it's only been 4 days).

I want to kill off the belly fat and love handles, and get in to much better shape. I hit the subscribe button, but haven't gotten any response.

Do you offer advice? Training? Nutritional counsel? How do I get on?


Tom Ford

Gabriel Greghi says:

Nice workout to train in home due to coronavirus pandemic. Please keep posting workouts with super bands man!

Thomas Ford says:

Great workout!

Tyler D says:

Amazing video !! Thanks so much 💪🙏🏼👍

Danilo Gazel says:

Nice! Good ideas…

Jonathan Duncan says:

Who else got their bands from HomeProGym?

Rangedrg67 says:

Absolute god send bro. I’m missing the gym and sports equipment is so expensive and everything I needs out of stock Due to the lockdown so I bought a resistance loop and this routine is really effective. 👌

Son Gohan says:

Nice juiced up body.

smalo.music1990 says:

I got a resistance band a month ago and I had no idea you could do this amount of exercises with it. Amazing work Alex as usual.

Alan Chan says:

Thanks for this video. Who knew it would be this useful 3 years later. How tall are you? I'm using a green band and I have to squat to get into it for the side bend. Any tips for adjustments to accommodate people of different heights? It seems like the band length is a standard 41 inches or 82 inch loop.

Leo Kennedy says:

Great video – looking to start this week having never done this before , what band would you recommend? Thanks

Nice flower says:

Задница как женская

Fadrique Alvarez de Toledo says:

Been doing this work out for over a month. It's great as it only requires the band, and anyone can do it in the living room, hotel room, garden, etc. It would be great to see you do a second resistance band workout routine now that during quarantine gyms are closed and we dont all have access to weights.

vince carter says:

My gf always has a band that used on me

vince carter says:

U funny guy

Dave Culver says:

Just started using them Alex and thank god I did, They have been a life saver for the past 2 weeks

K P says:

Where is the best place to purchase a resistance band? Can anyone recommend a particular type or brand?

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