Resistance Bands Arm Workout – Bi's & Tri's

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Looking for some resistance bands exercises for biceps and triceps Yes, it’s true – you can build big arms without free weights, machines or even a gym! Here’s a killer arm workout that you can do at home, or anywhere!

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Daniel Pacheco says:

Bands are good for traveling or working anywhere and once in a while give yourself a different workout but not for permanent use since they lose elasticity

Suyash Gupta says:

You shouldn't look pretty in the gym. Well said.

Jason Hollis says:

Man you really are a one-man band 🤣🤣🤣

Black Wolf says:

Thanks for the great videos! And I 100% agree about them NOT being easy or as limited purpose as many people believe. I just got my full set of UnderSun bands and was surprised how LIGHT i had to start. Very different from weights and very challenging. One thing – is there any danger of band failure? I can't help but think – if this thing snaps under resistance, I could hyper extend, get smacked in the face, all sorts of not fun stuff.

Robert Skahan says:

This is sick! very motivating in a time where I could use the motivation! thank you!

DezertFox says:

I'm struggling to feel the inner biceps! I don't have a sturdy place to attach anything to either. Just bands under my feet and curl. Any tips?

Stefan Prole says:


I love it so much because they are simple to use, can gain great muscle and can STAY HOME SAFE. I got my at trainhome shop (Check on google) they have great home training products.🏆

Gregory Harris says:

I'm inspired

Mo naz says:

Yeah but in a typical household where would you tie these to – the only exercise I see my self doing is the chest flyes and maybe dumbbell curls with the bands on your foot

Steve Anderson says:

Great video! Thank you

Larry Button says:

Have been using bands since last year…and with gyms closed glad I bought ‘em…yours are the only videos that show not only what to do but why and importantly what not to do as well…thnx

rrusselljr67 says:

That rack your doing your workout on needs to be changed. By code. lol

Ricky H says:

What THE ACTUAL fuck? Anyone else on edge waiting for the shelves to come down? 😂

Thales Cueva says:

0:42 Triceps Pushdown
4:04 Biceps Curl
7:33 Preacher Curl
8:08 Overhead Triceps Extension
13:55 Bicep Rotating Curl
19:12 Single Arm Triceps Extension

Robert Charles says:

Here because of Covid-19

Micah Brown says:

ayeeee russ on the intro!!

Joe Wilkens says:

Its great if you have a warehouse. Try finding a spot in your home. Just saw another of your videos, need to order a door anchor loop. Thanks!

John Kaddouri says:

Great video! Ordered the bands, looking forward to trying this out!

SSJ says:

Free weights are amazing.
That said if you're looking for the bare minimum for a "portable home gym", resistance bands are the best.
In fact its probably a single resistance band, the very thin one. That one you can use to pump your entire body.
The other ones are good but less versatile.

t9j6c6j51 says:

So glad I found your channel. Been forced into isolation, gym closed, got my bands delivered, no excuses, still pumping.

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