Resistance Bands – How to Choose & Best Exercises!

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Which Rubber bands to choose and with which purpose!

Elastic bands description (resistance and sizes):

20 lbs (9 kg) – Red;
33 lbs (15 kg) – Black;
55 lbs ( 25 kg) – Purple;
83 lbs (38 kg) – Green;
100 lbs (45 kg) – Blue;

Technical specifications:

Red: 208cm x 1.3cm x 0.45cm
Black: 208cm x 2.2cm x 0.45cm
Purple: 208cm x 3.2cm x 0.45cm
Green: 208cm x 4.5cm x 0.45cm
Blue: 208cm x 6.4cm x 0.45cm

Who is Bruce Willow:

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Performer / Director – Bruno Salgueiro aka Bruce Willow (Stuntman / Personal Trainer)
Camera/Production – Luís Piçarra (Run Forrest Run Productions)
Editing – Alexandre Lopes / Melina Menconi

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Khaldoun Azzam says:

I like the comedic performance in the show, and the information is highly useful.

Your Name says:

The blue one is good for trapezium workout

Estoy Fit says:

Hahahahahahaha that was so funny hahahahaha hilarious. Thank you for the information. Hahahah

Majorvino says:

At the shops in my (small) town most bands are sold out, there are only bands with 25 kg resistance. Was wondering (maybe a stupid question), is it when using two bands of 25 kg giving a same result of a resistance band of 50 kg?

Tina Zrilic says:

Where to order resistance bands set which have good quality and the price is not 100$😂

Pinhal Silva says:

Por momentos pensei que tinha encontrado o gémeo do salgueiro 🤣🤣

Jessica Wade says:

Love the music

Indigenous Soldate says:

Mark Ruffalo's body double!

Michael King says:

11:33 This video was helpful and I Did NOT like it. SO I pressed the like button and subscribed.

Evelyn Chaclan says:

What brand are these?

Rose N says:

I bought the ones that don't connect. I have no idea how to use them.

Sungat Kaparov says:

you look like athlete version of Leonard Hoffsteader from the theory of big bang!

AncientAstronautTheorist says:

I weight 290lbs+, is the blue one for me?

Diego Parra says:

You are awesome man, excellent video

Rasheed Lewis says:

Dude ripped but he is a goof ball

Mayank Shukla says:

Which color bands woll be ideal to imitate lat pulldowns??

NM1906 says:

Reparei que era tuga pelo sotaque. Excelente video!

Dániel Rózsa says:

Man u are too crazy 😀

Luke Bakhuizen says:

If anyone is looking for a good set of bands I got some from in 4 days and they haven't snapped and broken my face so far 😂

Aaron Boger says:

Good job Bruce 🙂

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