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This a great RESISTANCE BANDS WORKOUT focusing on the SHOULDERS.
A video showing you how to use resistance bands to best target your shoulders. Hitting your front, side, back deltoid and rotor cuff exercises.
Including a brief overview of the shoulder anatomy.
Please enjoy and comment.

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davewah85 says:

Another Wednesday, another shoulder workout down! Used to HATE shoulder day. Not anymore! 🤙

Ricky H says:

BRILLIANT. I’ve spent ages looking for a decent workout with ACTUAL bands (not the bands attached to handles 90% of videos on here use).
Not only do you have bands, but you give a decent workout with clear instructions. Well done! 👍🏼

davewah85 says:

Great video! Love this. More please!

Dastn Golden Boy says:

Sub me I'm subbing you

Dastn Golden Boy says:

let's support each other

Dastn Golden Boy says:

great video bro

Jeanette Bjerrum says:

My rotator cuff muscles did just fine. However, I am not sure I have deltoids right now! So hard to keep my form, but that gives me goals to reach on my way to doing a pushup! Thanks for these posts!

Susan Taylor says:

I just started to use resistant bands yesterday at the gym, with my personal trainer. I am going to keep in mind what you have taught me here to improve more. Nice work.👏

Jeanette Bjerrum says:

Very clear instructions, thank you. I am starting with once thru, 3x week, as that was quite alot at once for begining. I think once I get used to the band it will be more like exercise and less like fighting, lol.

Илья Кожухарёв WorKout says:

Super video! Useful advices and exercises!💪💪👊🏼👊🏼

Campingdogz says:

Great video Ben. I like to workout at home or outside when I’m travelling in my camper, bands will be ideal to add extra exercise movements to my routine. Thanks.

Fitness with Meg says:

Great workout! Keep up the great work!



Matías Fagián says:

Very useful man! Thanks ,keep it up 💪💪

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